Sunday, 7 March 2010

A Western Every Month, Please

Not much to update today, because yesterday I wrote quite a few lines of text and then watched Silverado on TV, so there was very little time for Fallout 2. I usually have the TV on for only a few hours every two months or so because generally all the programs are crap, but yesterday I heard that the monthly western thing has started again and I had to watch it.

I really love westerns and the monthly western thing that channel 2 here has is a brilliant idea, but it's hard to follow. You see, it comes and goes however the execs please and several times in the past years they have just stopped it after 2-5 westerns. Why? And since the monthly western thing is so irregular, it's really difficult for me to find out when they're starting it again and I usually end up missing the so-called monthly western because I don't watch tv and won't hear it when they advertise it. If it was a rock solid regular thing, I would tune in once a month and check the tv programs for Saturdays every week, just in case.
And channel 1 better start showing Murder, She Wrote or Matlock or any other detective series again next summer. I remember when I was 11 or 12 and during the summer me and my sister always watched Matlock at 3 o'clock in the afternoon and hummed along with the theme. It was great. The channel sucks now, except when they show those Ms Marple movies.

Anyhoo, in Fallout 2 I cleared the mine from Wanamingos and other nasties, returned the excavator chip to Marge and then helped the sheriff with the broken leg to maintain law and order.
I paid the widow's rent from my own pocket and threw both miners in the jail for being so loud in the bar. By the way, Fallout 2 has some really great dialogue.
Then I threw the guy who cut up the whore in the jail, and lastly I killed Frog Morton and his gang. The fight was weird but easy, because as soon as I snuck up on the gang and blinded one of them, the rest of them starting running away also. It took them several turns to get back to an organized(?) battle position and when they finally could start hitting me they were already dead. For the job I used a combat shotgun I found from one of their guards. I think I'll try using a shotgun from now on, as the P90 is only devastating thanks to it's cheap burst fire (I'm talking about action points), but the burst fire is a wee-bit unpredictable and eats through ammo like a motherfucker. Single shots are only really effective against weak enemies.

After Redding was done, I drove to Modoc. I'm doing my best to raise all the towns' respect towards me, but it annoys me that Redding, even after all quests done still only likes me. SAD is also mentioned to be neutral towards me, but... SAD is empty now and there only were like 2 possible small tiny "quests" to do there, why does it count in the stats? Modoc is neutral because I haven't done any quests there, only found the money in the well and married Miria.
So I went there and healed Bess, and I'm now looking for the gold watch. I cleared the field of the rats and I had just turned that quest in when Silverado was starting.

One thing I never mentioned before that I don't like about Fallout 2 is that battles can continue outside a map. Well, the player character can't fight outside a map, but a fight can move there. Like when I had Miria in my party, she was useless and always either died or ran away. One time she ran away from the map while leading some enemies away at the same time. Before I could shoot the enemies to get them to attack me, they were outside the screen borders. Still, they were able to attack Miria despite not being visible to me. Crap.

Today's plans for me are: watch the new Until We Win and then play more Fallout 2. Hopefully more updates tomorrow, at the same Bat-time if you read the updates at the same time everyday.

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