Monday, 8 March 2010

Fallout 2: Knee-Deep in the Shit

So, I'm in Modoc, looking for the crazy guy's gold watch. After searching Rose's Bed and Breakfast with no results I remember the old fool mentioning the cleanest outhouse of all time, and the player character asking "what does the outhouse have to do with anything?" What indeed. Went to check it out as soon as I had reloaded a save, as the damn cow and the crazy man got me stuck (pushing them didn't help).
As I suspected, the outhouse was different from the other outhouses in the game in that this one was an old fashioned wooden one that the game let me activate, the other outhouses in the game all have regular modern toilet bogs that do nothing. I activated the toilet in the outhouse and, to my surprise, I dropped knee-deep in shit. Well, it's how I imagined it to be, really.
The shithole, literally, was just an empty cave with a suspicious pile of rocks on one side. Luckily I have learned that in Fallout 2 explosives ARE useful, so I armed a bomb and ran. The outhouse blew up, and unfortunately the north part of Modoc is now covered in shit. No, I am not kidding, there's shit everywhere.
Well, my mission was not complete yet so I dropped back down in the hole and saw that the pile of rocks was removed, as I intended with leaving some explosives next to it. There was some mutant molerat, or pigrat or whatever the game calls it on the other side. Killed it, and found the watch.
I also checked the locked up building out of curiosity and killed the deathclaw. Vic couldn't stop fighting after every enemy was down and ended up shooting a regular kid. I got the kill counted in my stats but luckily I did not get the Child Killer title.
With Modoc covered in shit I checked the town well for Jonny's BB gun. I know about that quest but I can't get it, and I also can't start the ghost farm quest so unfortunately I had to leave. I did try to search the north squares in case the ghost farm would pop up, but no. I did, however, run into some merchants with slaves who didn't like it that I was a good guy. I killed the merchants and let the slaves run free. I also ran into a Morton brother, who I sent to see his dear old brother Frog.

I drove to San Francisco and for the third time in my adventure tried to fight Dragon and his men. I say tried, because the game bugged out. Didn't crash, it just... it went insane. The fights didn't start, then they didn't end, I fought three of the Dragon's men at the same time one round, and I won by losing. Then I got locked up in the arena. It's fucked. I suppose I am unable to complete this little quest now.

With nothing else to do I headed to the Military Base. I opened the door and went in, wondering what the horrible secret inside could be. Super Mutants. Lots of them. A large, epic battle ensued and every time I could get out of combat I had to rest until my party was healed. Killed all of them. Super mutants, not my party (though some nights I wonder...).
Level 3 was the hardest, since all except two of the mutants attacked me at the same time.
What I did was I weakened a couple with grenades when I could and always aggravated a mutant if it was hitting any of my companions. You see, I can take several powerful shots without dying thanks to high damage resistance and armor class (not to mention my large supply of stimpaks), but my companions will die if they come face to face with even one super mutant so I took all the heat for my "friends" while they beat the shit out of the enemies without getting into harm's way. With a mega power fist, the P90, a combat shotgun and 7 plasma grenades the job of relocating the mutant miners was nearly done. The last two who didn't join the ruckus were easy since they were alone. Two rounds each and splat.
Level 4 of the military base didn't seem too frightening at first. A small, rather empty cave with one crazy super mutant. Thought I was done with the place and boy was I suprised when the giant deathclaws jumped from the green goo. Killed Melchior first, hoping his death would stop the deathclaws from spawning. Didn't work.
The cave was so small that the four deathclaws got my companions' AI all messed up, meaning I had to kill two of the deathclaws completely on my own before my "friends" decided to help. I could understand it if it was just K-9 and Sulik who didn't help since they are melee fighters and I can't be 100% sure if they could hit the deathclaws, but Vic and Skynet are ranged fighters... god damn pricks they are.
Well, after the military base was done I had lost 50 stimpaks. Still have more than a hundred in the inventory, though.
Got the perception upgrade, too.

From this point on I can't remember the order of the events too clearly. I killed yet another of the remaining Mortons in a random encounter, and ended up going to NCR to find out more about Vault 13. NCR is where I last heard anyone talk about it, so I talked to Westin first and then ended up meeting Saltbeef. Jackpot! He had a map leading to Vault 13, but the doctor took it. I went to see the doctor and he claimed that all he got was a painting, which he would only sell for 10,000. I first searched his room and then his inventory, but the painting doesn't apparently exist until I buy it. I bought it, and the map to Vault 13 was behind the painting.
I tried to assassinate the doctor in various ways to get my money back (my character's good nature may be slightly questionable), but the cops were ALWAYS alerted so I just pumped him full of poison and hoped for the best. He still hasn't died.

Traveled to Vault 13. Met Gruthar, fixed the computer with the part I had bought in New Reno a long time ago and got the G.E.C.K. at last. Game over?
No. When I finally got back to Arroyo, I found the village destroyed. The Enclave, those bastards! After Hakunin was done talking I drove straight to Navarro, killing the last Morton brother on the way there. I tried to again pick the lock on the commander's locker, but after jamming it twice I just resorted to mindless violence and just BLEW the shit up.
With the FOB I drove to San Francisco and messed about the tanker until I gave up looking for leads and just went to kill the stuff in the lower level. To my surprise this was what I was meant to do despite having no quest or clues, as there was some tall blonde in the back corner who allowed me to talk to the captain and get Badger to steal the Shi's fuel.
The NavComp part from the ship's computer was still missing, and the captain told me it might be in one of those old vaults. I first checked Vault 13, but didn't find it with me being so used to Fallout 2 handing important quest items during dialogue. I did, however, get Goris to join me since unfortunately Cyberdog (who I am now not entirely sure is K-9, there's two mechanical dog companions apparently) met his demise in the battle against the final Morton brother.
I went to Vault 15 and found the traitor in NCR and Vault 13's location again, for free this time (oh, bollocks!). I went to reveal the traitor and then got myself shot by the guards, prompting me to reload and redo a lot of stuff.
After AGAIN revealing the traitor I drove to Vault 8 where I fixed the vent, got some jet antidote, flipped the bird to my Pip-boy and got my doctor skill up, nothing else. I took the antidote to Painless Doc Johnson, then drove back to Vault 13. There's a room with locked lockers in the third level. One of them had a water chip (I'd lol if I had played Fallout) and one had the NavComp part. I ended up jamming one of the lockers, but I didn't care since I was in a hurry and got what I originally came for.
I drove back to Valdez, the tanker in San Francisco, and fixed the thing. I sailed away and saw the cutscene.

Come sail away with me, lads!

Then I died several times by guards and just quit playing since it was late, so the game is still not over. I question my abilities to overcome the final challenges, as my character is both weak and stupid. I do little damage and can't talk or hack. I suspect I may have to reload a save from before I started up the tanker and go grind to gain some new levels... I hope not.

By the way, I've stopped collecting all the stuff I see. I only pick up money, ammo and stimpaks, and when bartering I always pay in gold. I feel liberated! The materialistic oppression of the capitalist free west no longer rests on my shoulders!

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