Thursday, 4 March 2010

Me Ranger. Me no like Slavers. Ogh!!

So, I went and killed Metzger back in The Den and freed those slaves, then went back to Reno and worked for the Wrights.
Found out Renesco was the one who added the poison in the Jet canister as ordered by the Salvatores. Since I killed the Salvatores already I went and told Orville that Renesco did it unknowing of who it was meant for but agreed that Renesco deserved what was coming to him. Why blame dead men when you can blame the last remnant of the now gone crime family, the guy who will aid in the murder of any random person and who will only feel bad if the target is so powerful that retribution might be expected.
Didn't know I got myself fucked over at this point...

The next Wright quest, finding a way inside the Sierra Army Depot was too difficult as the turrets rip me apart in two turns, I suck with a sniper rifle and sneaking only works until firing the howitzer afterwhich the turrets detect me automatically everytime.
Feeling down knowing that New Reno had nothing more to offer me at this time I divorced from Miria and then recruited Myron, baby, Myron! With this reformed party I continued to Broken Hills.
There, I got Eric more power and were mean to Brian afterwards, found the dead wife, killed all the ants in the caves, found that sleeping pilot in the mine and ran Francis out of the town for being so violent. I would've taken Francis' word that the kills were self-defense, but the dialogue options forced me to either kill him or force him into exile, so I chose the nicer punishment.
The old ghoul's treasure quest may have been perhaps the best part of the game so far, the ending of it is was so damn funny and really made my day.
I also relocated Seymour and beat the scorpion in all 3 tests. The scorpion was a quadruple loser, as for a finishing blow I beat him in mortal kombat as well. Left the scientist cryin'. Nice spectacles, though now useless...

The mine air purifier... here's where I fucked myself with the Rocketman. I go to Zaius and agree to help him to fix the mine's air problem and he tells me, funny enough, that the needed parts  for the air purifier can be found in New Reno, gotten free of charge from a man named Renesco. The very same Renesco that I may have inadvertedly lead to becoming misplaced. He's gone. Those unique parts of his that I need to get my hands on badly are gone, and I have a hunch that Orville Wright never cared to check the poor sod for spare mine air purifier parts.
Some walkthroughs online say that the parts can be mainly purchased from The Den and that Renesco's free stuff is just a cheaper/faster alternative way to  complete the quest, but I checked the Den. No spare purifier parts to be found there...

Couldn't recruit Marcus and never found Jacob so with the rest of the shit shoveled in Broken Hills I moved down south and re-entered Vault 15. Killed everyone, except the doctor of course. Fun combat, but I ended up getting so much loot that Sulik became overloaded before I got back outside. Vault 15 clean and the Squat saved I headed towards New California Republic.
Got my car a new part and let Merk have Myron because I was hoping to recruit someone more combat efficient. This move backfired slightly... but more on that later.
I entered NCR in my leather jacket so I could carry more stuff (Sulik and Vic were mostly loaded as well) and did my best to sell all the loot I've gotten, which was rather difficult as the few traders had very little money and very few useful items. I try to get rid of guns that I have more than two of, any Jet I get, food items and all the second rate ammo and ammo for guns I don't use. I ended up trading my crap for two Mark II armors, all useful types of JHP ammo and shotgun shells, all possible stimpaks and all available money the traders had and my car's trunk was still full afterwards.
Got my luck from 7 up to 9, thanks to the hubbologists.

I met Tandi and gave her the computer parts and got 6000 in gold. Then I met the rangers and agreed to kill the slavers. Went back to my car, made sure my party was combat ready (the best armor and best weapons, not extra crap) and annihilated Vorlis and his guys. The loot from them was so plentiful that both Sulik and Vic were at their limits (Vic was overloaded), the car trunk's limit was met and I had to carry items as well. Did my best to trade that junk away immediately.
A problem occured when I went to free the slaves. You see, my character's intelligence is 4 and his science skill is... not very high. Myron, whose speciality is science, has moved somewhere with Merk, which is another lesson teaching us to first study the area and it's contents and only then sell the annoying bastard to a crime lord for small profit.
After clicking the controls for 200 times each and getting nowhere I knew I needed some Mentats, but sadly there is only one guy I know who has some: the scientist back in Broken Hills. I drove there immediately but hit a wall as the asshole doesn't barter. I killed him, and I regret nothing.
Drove back to NCR, used two Mentats and freed the slaves. Became a Ranger, too.

While running back to my car I met Dorothy and Toto, asking for help. Jack had gone insane. He blew his top and damaged some important looking technological stuff as well.
I didn't even get an option to fix the controls, so I ordered Vic to do it after being forced by the game to let Dorothy do the work. Got my prize anyway, lots of books.
I ran back to the Bazaar and told the bartender that Jack had gone puff, or splort morelike, and got some reward. To my surprise the dialogue options changed very suddenly...
When you use drugs, although they may heighten some stats at first they eventually backfire and cause you some serious trouble. Those Mentats, their effect had worn off and left me with 1 in intelligence, crippling me slightly. Fun dialogue options, though. People thought I was drunk. Made me think about perhaps roleplaying some dumb oaf with 1 in intelligence someday, just for the fun of it. Fallout 2 sure changes a lot based on what stats you have...

Meet Weston. Stupid brain let in. Nice man give job, save moo-moos. Og.
Go away. West. Kill doggies.
Found some junk near the base, then headed to San Francisco where people weren't as gentle as advertised. Agreed to the Dragon's test and beat 3 guys in a fair fight easy, but the fourth was too hard. On his second turn he knocked me unconscious and kept wailing on me, and the battle messages told me again and again that I got knocked off of my feet. I suppose that Evade! perk was absolutely fucking useless, as I had originally suspected.
The guy got my health down to -13, which killed me. I got the death screen and was sent to main menu. What is funny about this is that Dragon told me that none of the fights are to the death, and I didn't get to kill the 3 other guys. What a fucking liar that Dragon is, I hope Lo Pan (lol) beats his ass!

I'm level 12 with 91 hit points and low strength and intelligence, do crap damage with everything except the P90 sub-machine gun or whatever it is I found and have apparently shitty perks. At least I'm loaded, with 25,000 in money and so much expensive extra gear that my car can't even carry it all. Despite my many troubles I always feel lucky.
Hi, I'm Johnny from Arroyo!

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