Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Did I mention? Fallout 2 is great

After finally getting my car I ventured to Vault 15 today and got my ass handed to me by the Khans in there, so badly in fact (on both normal and wimpy combat level) that I thought about starting a new character, evil this time, and take things slow and make sure the character's able to do something. Well, decided to continue with the current guy anyway and to try New Reno out since it's closer to my skill level. There, Fallout 2 really begun... I slept with Mrs. Bishop, stole Bishops' shit (the woman talks in her sleep *hint*), snuck past Mr. Bishop, worked for Salvatore and did all missions (lol, Arch Stanton, that's what Bill Carson told me!) but declined becoming a made man. Killed Salvatore, stole his guys' shit and rearmed, and killed everyone downstairs. Man, I am so loaded my car's trunk is about to blow.
I also bought a .44 magnum revolver and went to the secret place to get it fitted with a speed loader for free, I suppose that was exactly what got me through all that commotion at Salvatore's place. Sometimes I get mad if I'm told about secrets against my will, but accidentally hearing about those free upgrades wasn't a negative thing at all. Though I could EASILY afford to pay for it all, too...

Just loaded all the junk in the trunk and refueled. I'm now trying to decide whether I'll take on Metzger, any of the three other families or do some house cleaning at Vault 15. I am (almost) invincible!

Took screenshots this time, but I have no idea where they're stored. Not in the BlackIsle or Fallout 2 folders, not in Documents and not in Images, so you won't get pictures this time either. Can't be bothered to search all night, need to play more Fallout 2! and found them. There's one above now.

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