Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Fallout 2 is great

Alright, so I wanted to write about my feelings towards Fallout 2 as I play it and post screenshots of it to accompany my story, but I didn't know how to take screenshots until I reached Vault City (PrnScr doesn't work, it's F12) and I was so into playing that everytime I thought about coming here to write about Fallout 2 I first had to finish that one last task at hand, then the other one and then another one and... I played the entire day yesterday.
Now I'm a Vault City citizen. I had Vic, Lenny, Sulik and that woman I married in my party at one time (the game forces the girl into your party so I got 4 companions even though my limit is 3) but I had to leave Lenny behind to get back to Vault City and inform the nice guy there that the powerplant is fixed, now I only have Sulik, Vic and Mrs. Fox with me.
I've been playing a nice guy, apart from stealing everything that wasn't nailed down or carried by a character. I thought about myself in the character creation and being so hard on myself I put agility, intelligence and strength down. Agility, intelligence and strength are perhaps THE most important skills so... I've gotten myself somewhat screwed. Well, not really since I wasn't trying to create the most powerful character in the first place, and Fallout 2 shouldn't be played like a game anyway, it should be played like a story, with a character that has some weaknesses (too bad the game really sticks splinters in the wounds when it comes to punishing for bad stats).
I think my high luck has gotten me a ton of stuff, though. I kept legitimately running into patrols shooting highwaymen and just looted the bandits after the battles were over. The enemies are WAY over my league in every way and I can't take anything out past Klamath's borders myself, but with the help of the soldiers I got loads of guns and money. Not in heavy need of money, though, as I have about 8000 dollars and some expensive goods Sulik and Vic carry for me. I just can't find enough traders to sell the stuff for a reasonable price, so I carry it all with me until I get to Redding again and trade in stuff to the guy at Ace Ascots' or whatever the place was called.
In the vein of Mad Max I have the Mad Max armor (that does nothing much) and the sawn-off looking shotgun. The shotgun is mostly useless to me since what I can't take out by fists I can't take out at all.

When I start my evil run I will try to take screenshots and go over the story one step at a time in this blog. Because I have nothing better to do or write about.

Oh, and there's no such thing as thirst in Fallout 2. Whatever it was that suddenly had me killed for fixing the well never re-occurred.

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