Monday, 1 March 2010

Fallout 2 Claimed My Life

"Aww, shit. Fucking space jam, son."

So, yesterday night I didn't play anything, as after writing the blog I noticed that Brad Jones has a new episode of Radiodrome up and I listened to it and the 4 previous episodes as well.
Today, once I finally woke up as listening to Radiodrome kept me up till 5 am, I watched Spoony's rant on TNA Impact. I have never seen an episode of TNA and I actually haven't watched wrestling in a long time at all since they stopped showing Smackdown and RAW here a few years ago, but it was entertaining to see him steam. I watched the entire 90+ minute video. I'm a hardcore fan.

Anyway, I played a bit of Battlefield Heroes today, and I see they have added at least one new level and cut Buckaneer Bay quite a bit, just like fans requested back when I frequented the forums. The game was fun, but sadly all my bought stuff has perished (naturally, they only last a month and I've been away for several). I also remembered why I originally always got fed up with everything when playing it: I hit the enemy but do no damage and the enemy knifes air but harms me. I know, it's the laggy connection, but it's god damn annoying. Probably won't play a lot with crappy connection and no good items, can't hit shit and even if I could I would do less damage with the starting guns. The theme music is really catchy, though. Had almost forgotten about it and when the game had
(finally) loaded, I couldn't help but whistle along. I'll probably be humming it for a whole week again.

Also finally installed AND played Fallout 2. Yup, got it working, and I downloaded the latest official patch as well as the best latest unofficial patch, and also got the fanmade uncensoring patch that adds kids into the game.
I'm a bit lost with the mechanics, but the game seems like it will be loads of fun. I didn't know how to do skill specific stuff at first and spent 20 minutes running around in the area with the locked door, but I eventually got the hang of it and started dominating the enemies in fights as well.

BUT, once I finally finished the training bit and got outside, I met the old hag and got her money as well as beat the bad weed pestering the old stoner's crops, and had just fixed the well in the village when BLAM! it says I died. If you haven't played Fallout 2, then the clear version of my story is this: I died at basically the first real steps. I get out of training and die, of thirst or something I guess. I'm actually a bit annoyed, I certainly didn't expect it to kill me in the first 5 minutes in the first village before I've at least really BEGUN the damn game. I also have no clue of who or what killed me, but I gather it wasn't Mr. Green.
I'll probably post updates here as I venture onwards in the future's post-nuclear wastes. Despite the quick death it's refreshing to start a game like Fallout 2 blind, as with too many games these days I always know what it's going to dish out next. Even Oblivion and Fallout 3 failed to surprise me in any way from what I recall, but I have no idea what Fallout 2 has in store once I survive my burning thirst.

I am also thinking of trying to beat Desperados again. I like the game a lot despite it's cruel level of difficulty, and the idea of finishing the walkthrough I started was one great carrot to get me to beat it, but I backed away from the game in anger when Giovanni nearly got my YouTube account removed and PWNorDIE deleted all the videos I had uploaded there.

I hope to someday make a serious guide of the game...

Lastly, this Blogger blog has started to crap on my posts lately, so if there's ANYTHING odd in the final post, it's very likely it's just the damn service (or it's the drugs' doings). Seriously, the stuff is fucked up, words and sentences change places on their own and I have to pray that the images are where they should be. The automatic html it gives is completely broken and even though I'm more used to writing the html myself anyway the editor often automatically breaks it when I post the final version.
Crappy service, but then again it is sponsored by Google... Google, that damn dirty ape! Always hasslin' an' hasslin'.

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