Friday, 5 March 2010

Enclave R Stupid

Finally found the screenshots (they're not saved in THE Fallout 2 folder, a completely wrong one) so I added two older images in the older posts and I'll try to add screenshots in all posts from now on.

So, San Fran.
Explored the place thoroughly before starting anything. I found a vendor in Chinatown who has lots of Stimpaks and several First Aid Books and Scout Handbooks and a few others to raise my skills with, and I noticed his items are changed/restocked almost everytime I leave and come back, so I traded nearly all of my useless gear to books and stimpaks.
I talked to a guy without a spleen, but soon forgot where I was supposed to look for it and even though I talked to everyone in San Fran I never found anyone with dialogue options regarding it. I'm afraid the man might be dead now, as that quest is timed (duh!).
Talked to the Brother of Steel and agreed to get the vertibird documents. Snuck in Navarro and met a guy with a radio who intended to inform his people about me. I told him it was a bad idea, and I proved myself right in just one combat turn and a burst fire later.

Snuck inside the base. Found some ownerless power armor mk II and put it on. It raises strength by 4 and allows you to freely walk around the base, so I used it to steal everything, and I mean EVRYTHING from the base. Shotguns, laser pistols, pulse rifles, crowbars, a motor, books... all that and all the really useless junk, too. Searched the entire base, anything I found that I could carry ended up in my car's trunk outside, and I suppose nobody will ever figure out how tons of random supplies could've gone missing around the base. The guys at the main Enclave base are going to have a weird time reading reports of everything that has gone down in Navarro, I tell you that. S'pose they'll just close this two-bit outpost now.
Freed the walkin' talkin' livin' walkin'... talking deathclaw, killed the scientist guy and fixed K-9 and then killed the commander or whoever, as he found out I was picking his locker lock. Then I killed the guard outside his room. Then I killed 2 more guards, some Enclaver in power armor and two tech-geeks. Left Snookie and her boyfriend alive, though, since they never attacked me. I also left the locker with the FOB alone after several dozen failed unlocking attepts with a total of 65% lockpick skill.
Popped in the Cafe of Broken Dreams on my way back. Fallout 2 is great.

Came back to San Fran and gave the plans to the Brother, and used ACE to raise my Charisma. It's now 8, so I can get me a fourth companion now. Yes, yes, I originally put 7 points to Charisma instead of strength and intelligence, but if you start creating a character for Fallout 2 to make it the best all around character considering the game enviroments and possible upgrades, you're playing Fallout 2 wrong. Fallout 2 is not a game, it's a roleplaying adventure where nothing you do or choose is the wrong way to play. Except playing it like an ordinary game, that's wrong. Everything else is fine.
I sold my loot away again and went to see the Emperor's main man. He told me to kill the hubbologists after I had shown him the same vertibird plans that I gave to the Brotherhood of Steel, and so I went to the hubbologists base to meet the AHS-9.
25 dead.
Had to redo the big AHS-9 fight because Vic got himself killed. You see, the game is flawed in many was when it comes to the companion AI. Vic ran away from the battle with little health left, BUT since he ran away and was deemed outside the combat by the game, he never healed himself with the many stimpaks I gave him. A character outside of combat (I'd say combat zone but the zone varies from 4 tiles to 30 tiles, really messed up mechanics) has no combat turns so he or she has no way to heal, reload or run further away. Vic ran away and was outside combat, but he positioned himself between me and and two enemy soldiers with shotguns who were shooting at me but continuously hit Vic. Vic never retaliated or healed or even moved for the obvious previously mentioned reason, so he died. Funny how he was near me and was outside combat but enemies 30 tiles away were in combat with me. Weird game mechanics, truly.

I met the emperor, nice fellow by the way, and then... well, I... don't think I did much else. Sold more loot and bought more books and ammo. Oh, and I did try fighting Dragon's men again, and nearly beat number 5 also. Guess what, the game crashed just before beating him! It actually crashes somewhat a lot, usually if there's been a long and messy combat. I haven't mentioned it before because it hasn't bothered me, usually only happened after a fight I would've wanted to redo anyway or after I have already saved (I save often), but this time I was so close to getting somewhere and then it crashed. Crap.
Gonna go to New Reno to box before retrying Dragon and his crew. I hear New Reno boxing awards some damage resistance or something, and that's always good.

I'm a little bit sad, though. I only recently found out that the Bridgekeeper's robes I have are some of the most powerful armor in the game and I only got to use them in ONE lousy fight, against the Navarro radioman, and he never even got to hit me. No reason to use them anymore since the Enclave power armor I got is much more powerful and allows me to carry more stuff. Bummer.

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