Saturday, 6 March 2010

Aliens In My Mine. How SAD.

So, I drove to New Reno to box and to sell away more of my stolen junk. The junk is still so plentiful that I had to resort to trading it for Jet, which I have to use as another form of currency, and I still can't get rid of the crap fast enough. Why must I always pick up all the items, why?!
After my round through all the chem dealers and traders of New Reno I went to box in the Jungle Gym. Beat everyone rather easy and I didn't even use the plated gloves that I hear are circling around New Reno. I bet "The Masticator" felt really foolish for having been beaten by some tiny guy (strength 4, small frame, low level) called "Princess". Yup, I've always dreamed about beating big burly men up and being called Princess while doing it. That's why I got that vaguely illegal job at the local men's club in the first place, but enough about that. Fallout 2 delivered without putting me into a sticky position again.

After being crowned the new champion and getting some bonus damage resistance (all the way up to 84%, the cap is 90%) I decided that it was once again time to pay a visit to Sierra Army Depot, aka SAD, for I now possess super strength, given to me by the Power Armor MKII (by the way, if I get the item names wrong it's just that I never bother to look at them close enough) and upgrades and perks. I annihilated those turrets. Nope, didn't get me to lay down and bleed this time, like those other unfortunate bastards still hanging around the entrance.
Went inside and had a really bizarre, complex, difficult, hard-to-figure-out time in there, with a lot of saves and loads. I punched bags, I stole loot, I picked up spare eyes and I kicked some security robot ass. Failed at lockpicking doors with 25% skill + 60% from Electronic Pick MKII, jammed them and then blew them with some plastic explosives.
Fallout 2 is great like that. You fail at hacking the door controls and then you fail at picking the lock on the door, but never fear for some explosives are near. Plant three of them babies near a solid sobbing door and blamo, in you go. My repair skill is high now thanks to books, and I have Vic with me and his speciality is repair, so  force fields were no problems once I figured out that you don't click the force field, you click the little thingy on the thingy.
I raided the armory on the second floor after correctly guessing the passwords for shutting down the security measures. The passwords were "nipples" and "hooters". I quickly saved and exited the game and rushed to change my email and passwords. Boy, was I frightened for a moment there.

Once again I became a victim of the system as the junk in the armory was so plentiful that I think at that point, or perhaps even earlier (my mind is hazy, I guess from the boxing) I drove back to New Reno to both sell the loot and take over Salvatore's Bar. Like I told you long ago I killed Salvatore and his men when he offered me a job I couldn't refuse, so the place is empty now. I thought it's a waste of a good shithole so I made it my base of operations, meaning that I store the junk I don't need but don't want to sell away either, in the trunk of Salvatore's room. In Fallout 2 the maps are like that, the items stay where you leave them just as long as it's not a random encounter ground.
I also told Orville that the SAD door is open now, so I got made a man, or something. Selling hooch in a town infested with drugs, prostitution and regular basis murder doesn't seem much of a crime, so my still almost nice guy character doesn't mind this crime family much.

I went back to SAD and tried floor 3. That's where I started using explosives and repair skill, as even after several reloads the lock on the door kept jamming in 2-5 tries. I also started cheating a bit... there's loads of skill books found on 3rd and 4th floors, so what I did was I changed the difficulty level of the game to difficult before reading the books and then changed it back to normal to get a better boost to the skills. Sorry, but I promise you that I have stopped reading skill books completely now, so no more cheating. Besides, what the fuck do you care, you're not my mother! And if you are... sorry mum.
I went to get the brain, and with my boosted science skill I got a human brain for Skynet. I also did meet Dobbs. He seemed nice.
With all the SAD loot I could find I went to New Reno and San Francisco to sell it all away, but even with my barter skill down at 21% or something the ammo and stimpaks I get from traders cost so little compared to my useless ├╝ber loot that I still have a hefty amount left, mainly two combat armors that net me over 6000 each, which I find hard to trade away for reasonable profit. I've even traded away for loss and useless stuff like Jimmy Hats and still the loot is there. It's annoying.
I have nearly 60,000 in cash, 180 stimpaks, a Power Armor MKII for myself, Power Armor for Sulik, Combat Armor MKII for Vic, fur for K-9 and metal for Skynet. There's 2000 of those smaller micro cells or whatever and 1200 bigger energy things that I can use to refuel my car, there's 2500 10mm JHP, 700 .44 JHP, 800 5mm JHP, 1000 shotgun shells and loads of drugs in the trunk. I have a Mega Power Fist and a P90, Vic has a Rancor-thingy, K9- has teeth, Sulik has a combat knife and Skynet has an assault rifle.
I am loaded with all the stuff I need and more.
Aargh, why does it have to be so easy to get items?! It's Fallout 3 all over again. Despite it being the post-apocalyptic wasteland where supplies are scarce, I'm always loaded with caps and ammo, best armor, 100% repaired guns and useless shit.

From left to right: Vic, Cyberdog, The Princess, Scott Wolf and Joanna Lumley

Last thing I did yesterday night I bought the Wanamingo mine from Ace. Went to clean it up since there's aliens in there and like SAD turrets they raped my ass with their tenticles the first time I popped in for a visit. Cleaned out the first level and got to the second to remove some more vermin, but the game crashed and I was too tired to continue those long ass fights so I stopped there.
I watched some Duke Nuken 3D and Predator Concrete Jungle videos after that. The guy, the ONLY guy who has uploaded at least a part of the Predator Concrete Jungle walkthrough made it look so damn boring that I don't think I'll want to buy the game anymore. My walkthroughs were always either shitty or awesome, but boring only once or twice. Wish I could record walkthroughs still... have loads of old games... have lots of spare time... don't want to talk over videos...

I'll most likely continue my wasteland adventures in the next blog post. Isn't it great, I have updated the blog everyday this month and some of them posts even have images thanks to Fallout 2. Unless you hate Fallout 2, in which case you would be an ass anyway and should remove yourself from my blog.

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