Thursday, 18 March 2010

I've got one: Who would win between 47 and James Earl Cash?

Nobody who is stupid enough to get between those two, that's for sure.

Chapter 5: Rendezvouz in Rotterdam
This mission starts with a cutscene showing the fat old doctor using a scalpel to pretty roughly dig out the bullet from 47's wound when suddenly a cop car is shown pulling up outside, and the fat doctor gives 47 somekind of a shot and hurries away. 47 starts reminescing of a hit he did in Rotterdam, and now an in-game cutscene shows him looking outside his window where a couple is arguing. 47 says something about no wanting to be here any longer and that he'll do the gig tonight even though his "equipment" hasn't arrived yet. I suggest you start buying from the dealer you used back in Codename 47, 47. Yes, that was a poke at the series' 'evolution'. I still think Codename 47 did some things better than Silent Assassin or even Contracts.

Anyway, the deal today is, some biker gang has some pretty personal photos of some politician I suppose and the leader is selling the pics to some reporter tonight. There's also some private investigator that was undercover in the gang to get the photos, but he hasn't been heard of in a while now.
Mission parameters are as follows: retrieve the photos before the reporter gets his dirty mits on them, kill the gang leader and also kill the investigator just in case he spills the beans, then leave.
I start out in some office overlooking the gang's hideout. My first plan is to prevent the reporter from getting the photos, so I run up to this smart dressed man standing under s treetlight and sedate him. I pick up an envelope from him that has a lot of money in it and leave. I took the money thinking the reporter couldn't possibly try and buy the photos, but I suppose there's an ATM nearby because later on in the mission he did go to see the leader anyway. Mind you, he never sounded the alarm after waking up.

With the reporter unconscious I run to this warehouse the biker gang uses for... something, and just casually walk in. I find my way up to the second floor where some lady in pink underwear is entertaining a guy in boxers. There's spare gang initiate clothes on the floor the guy in the boxers probably wont need anytime soon, so I change to them and head outside on the otherside of the warehouse.
I find myself in an alley with guards and an entrance to the yard around the bar where I will find my mission objectives, so while avoiding bikers I steer myself towards this little electronics box on the side of a garage connected to the bar. I of course play with the thing and end up causing a crane to stop working and have a man be crushed to death by a car. In most other professions this little fuck up might result in me getting sacked or at least getting a pretty big fine in a court, but for a hitman it's just another way to remove a biker that's been guarding a suspicious entrance to a basement from his position.
As the basement guard is checking up on his crushed comrade I go pick the lock on the basement door and dash in. For some reason I have a hunch they will see through my disguise down here so I wait in a room until the coast is clear and only then can head to the far corner where Dick Tracy is getting electrocuted. I run across the hall and JUST as I get to  the door, the man who has been electrocting the investigator opens it and comes out. I duck down behind the open door and the biker doesn't seem to notice me as he walks away. I go in and find the investigator has either been having the worst time of his life or the best time of his life, depending on his favoured sexual behaviour. Being the paid dick I am, I just pick up a kitchen knife from a table and cut him.

I head back in the corridor and start waiting for this one biker to come down the stairs leading to the first and  second floors of the bar. When he's down and past me I come behind the corner and strangle him. I then quickly drag him up the stairs to avoid the other bikers seeing him like this and steal his clothes and his VIP keycard. I go up and use the keycard to open the door to the second floor, where the photos and the last target are.
I see the leader of the pack go to his office and I follow him, ducking away when he goes to the toilet. Being the pervert I am I follow him in there and yet again take someone roughly from behind in the stalls as they're trying to pee. Never use public restrooms again, people. Although these have been private bathrooms... just watch your back in the toilet from now on, period. I pick up the safe combination from the corpse and go open the safe in the office. I find the naughty pictures in the safe and with these photos I head to the far corner of the second floor where some ladder should be, as told by the map. There's some douche tattooist here sometimes ruining people's fun completely, but seeing how this is a one time run I'm describing here I wouldn't know about it. I tell you I'd hate the tattooist quite a bit if I had, though. Bastard.

I go outside and do find the ladder. After the descent I find myself in an alleyway, and some running around shows me that it's all a dead-end apart from this door that leads back inside the bar. Through the keyhole I see that there's a big guy on the other side, so I enter sneak mode before opening the door. This doesn't fool the man, though, so when his spider-sense tells him to turn around I get up and make a mad dash towards another door, by walking very slowly. I survive the confrontation.
I end up in another room that has several bikers in it, but not all is lost since there's these dancing girls putting on a show in their underwear. I only leave when some lonely biker starts following me around and then I just head back in the warehouse where I left my clothes (and where the poor girls has been dancing for the biker for who knows how long), dress in the 47 normal wear and go back outside the way I originally came in in the beginning of the level.

Mission complete. 2 alarms and 2 dead enemies net me a Professional rating.
A pretty fun level, although very short and very easy.

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