Friday, 19 March 2010

Plutonium doesn't run loose

Today's update on my progress in Contracts is shorter and less interesting than usual for a few reasons. I couldn't wait to play the remade "Traditions of the Trade" that comes after this crappy remake of two missions and the biggest reason is of course that I just didn't want to write a lot today. So I played it simple today.

Chapter 6: Deadly Cargo
This chapter begins with 47 picking his nose. Actually there's no cutscenes today, it just starts right from the gameplay. It's not even a continuation of the last chapter apart from the slight execption that there's some of the same bikers around, so they could've made some short scene up.
The mission here is a sort of a combination of Gunrunner's Paradise and Plutonium Runs Loose from Codename 47, just crappier with less gameplay and worse strippers. Well, I did like this mission quite a bit to be honest, just don't tell anyone. Boris is buying a nuke tonight and the bikers are supplying. Boris is to be killed, that's the only objective apart from the usual escape.

Let's cut the crap and run right to the mission. I start running towards the police station right away, and sneak in undetected. I crouch behind the counter to avoid this one policeman seeing me and I make my way into the locker room where I find a spare uniform. I don it and exit the station through the garage in the back.
I pick the lock on the door leading into the middle warehouse of these three warehouses when no cops are around. The other two warehouses have policemen and swat inside just waiting to storm Boris' boat, this one has Boris' men walking about. I go in and carefully avoid one of the guards, which is actually a very exiting moment for the whole 2 seconds it lasts. I climb up to the second floor and find some spare clothes. I switch to them and I now look like one of the other Boris' guns. I go back down looking like this and climb down a ladder leading to an underground tunnel, and make my way towards the far exit that leads nearby Boris' ship and climb up. I board the ship while avoiding the occasional near-detection by guards and see that Boris could've been easily sniped.
I walk near Boris but the pestering guards force me to think up a solid plan. I go up deck and start waiting for Boris. There's a guard there that ends up freaking out while I'm in sneak mode looking at the map, and he blows my cover. Or so the game says, nothing actually happens. He leaves and Boris comes. I follow Boris to his private quarters, strangle him and take his gun and the nuke detonator and just walk out. I climb down a ladder, get off the boat and go back in the underground tunnels just as the swat attack the ship. While I'm running underground I hear gunfire up top.
I climb out in the middle warehouse again and put on my old police clothes and sneak out the same way I originally entered, then I just casually walk to the exit point.

Silent Assassin in 13 minutes, zeroes everywhere.
Oh, boy, I soon get to play Traditions of the Trade again. I can't wait!

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