Thursday, 18 March 2010

I am a stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid little man. And foolish.

You know how I always cry and complain how I have no money and can't buy video games, and how stupid I've been to put so much money into video games in the first place? It's more true now than before.
 I went downtown today and spent almost all my last money I had reserved for Red Dead Redemption. I have 6 (or rather 5) new games and 10 euros in cash. You might be able to guess 4 of the 6 games if you've read my blog lately, as they are as follows: Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics in one pack called Fallout Collection (7 euros cheaper to buy the pack than buying Fallout and Fallout Tactics separately), Hitman Blood Money, Jagged Alliance 2 Gold and Sin Episodes: Emergence. That Sin Episode was only 3 euros, that's the only reason why I picked it up so don't think I was being stupid... what? oh, forget the title.

I'm not actually sad at all. I have new games, I got fresh air and exercise and the young man in the store who I think is new since I've never seen him before was a very friendly chap. He even gave me a 60 cent discount just like that, and you know 60 cents saved is a pretty big deal to me. I'd go shop there more often if I actually had any money, and I'd advertise the store if it wasn't for the fear of strangers online being able to find out where I live. Besides, none of you guys live in Finland anyway.
I also got off the bus way early when I was coming back home, just so I could have a bit of a walk. It's still snowing quite a bit, though I'm guessing it'll be the last snow of this winter. Nothing good lasts forever, and it shouldn't since there's something even better to come: the summer. I'll post my experiences regarding the next Hitman Contracts level sometime later today.


  1. I know what you mean. I have the exact same problem. In 2 weeks I ended up with buying 5 ps3 games. It was crazy, and the worst part is, I haven't played 3 of them yet...

  2. I have some games I bought months ago that I haven't played yet either. It's funny, when I was a kid I always wondered how some people on GameSpot/GameFaqs could honestly say they have games on the shelf they haven't played yet, but now I know.