Saturday, 12 December 2009


I oddly enough woke up early today, at 9.30.
I played Fable a lot. It's getting more and more fun, but... I have a full Bright Plate armour set, a Master Greatsword and a Master bow, about 140,000 gold and I have highly leveled skill and might along with a long mana and several spells mastered, including the physical protection shield spell. I have 90 mana potions to keep the protection spell going, high accuracy and the extra arrows spell meaning I one hit kill regular enemies from afar. I also constantly carry 9 Resurrection Vials and never ever need one. I literally breezed through the arena, not a single near-death moment.

So, what I'm getting at is that there's not really anywhere to go with the character. All I have left to do is play the quests and hope there's more use for sneaking soon, because I am honestly pissed about the game offering a fun skill I tend to always max out in RPG games, and not add in any reason to actually have a high sneaking skill. No wonder they added the trading skill to the same attribute, otherwise it would be totally worthless. Oh, wait, it's still totally worthless, I have more money than I can spend.

I am also angry about the lack of items, and the lack of special properties of items. I checked a faq/walkthrough to see if I've missed something great (and to find out how to give stuff to people, the Bandit Camp gamesmaster is afraid of me and doesn't let me play), and I noticed that there's really not too many special items to look for, or more specifically worth looking for.
The special properties of items are just damage increases and general augmentations. A Will User's clothes don't add more mana or help regenerate it faster and there's no reason to wear Assassin's boots for less noise while sneaking at night, because... they don't make less noise. At least they don't affect the gameplay in any way. Since the quests are just about whacking enemies that continuously respawn when you reach halway points like rescue a trader or something, all you really want is power and protection.

What this all boils down to is that the game isn't as much of an indepth rpg as it is a highly customizable action/adventure game with loads of gimmicks. I can't really roleplay as much as make adjustments to how the character looks and kills. Even Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas had skill levels, character body building, clothes, girlfriends, purchaseable property and moddable cars, even had the ability to sneak and gave us several sneaking missions. Hell, it even had minigames and Hot Coffee, but nobody would ever say GTA:SA was an rpg no matter how customizable things were, so why would Fable be an rpg? Because of the medieval setting and spells?
To further piss of some people and completely drop all of what little credibility I've ever had, I'll state here that I also don't consider the FF games as rpgs anymore. In FF you play a given character, you go through the story the pre-written way and the boss fights pretty much have one real way to beat them and every other way ends up being unnaturally difficult, making it more of a strategy game. You don't really roleplay any more than you do in any other game where you play a prewritten role.

So far in Fable the most fun I get is from wearing Bright Plate suit and the chicken hat. What I'll perhaps do next time is buy the Chicken Chaser title and never remove the chicken hat.

I had pizza for dinner today, but things went crap. The cheese sometimes tastes really horrible and doesn't melt in the oven at all, making it just really crunchy, and what I tend to do in that case is I keep the pizza in the oven slightlty too long so the entire pizza is crunchy and I have a harder time noticing the cheese, but today I accidentally kept it in the oven way too long. The edges were charred and it smelled burned. I ate what I could from the center, but unfortunately had to throw away the rest. It's a shame, really, because the higlight of every Friday is that I get to eat a delicious family sized pizza all by myself, and today I only got a bit more than half of a not-so-delicious one.
I guess that means my Friday was effectively ruined.

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