Sunday, 13 December 2009

Fable Finished I Have

Yes, I fnished Fable: The Lost Chapters.
Game time 19 hours 33 minutes. Main story beaten, all Quest Cards done (that I can, some cancel each other out), nearly all side quests done, 2 gals married, all houses purchased and fully furnished, all Might stats maxed, all Skill stats maxed, mana maxed and majority of the different spells mastered, 27 silver keys collected and all but 2 demon doors opened.
All that I would have left is donate a few more books, beat the fishing competion, finish the rest of the Fist Fighters Club fights and open the last demon doors, and of course collect all items scattered around the world, but screw that time waste.
I'm done.
Next in line, The Sims 2.

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