Monday, 9 November 2009

My Game Collection

Some of you may be interested to know that I-- you're not? Oh, buggery!
I'll tell you anyway: I stopped watching The Twilight Zone for now and I'm trying to get back on track here. Some weeks, or months ago I was so excited to inform you that I would start doing videos showing my video game collection. I got sidetracked when I realized that I have a bunch of games I haven't even played yet and I decided to first try out all the games before making any videos. Now I've decided to nevermind that and just make the videos anyway, and here's something to prove to you that I am alive and doing something related to my games:
I put them all on display and took a picture

Yes, I really do own legitimate copies of games (or at least covers and boxes).
Don't know for sure who the guy on the right is. I found him sitting in my room one morning and thought he'd make a good decoration, so I placed him on my desk. Isn't he foxy?

I'll try posting more walkthroughs on this blog when I start making the collection videos, because while I'm making the videos I naturally won't be recording or editing walkthrough videos and thus I can pass my time better by updating the blog.

Nobody's asked about it yet, but knowing better from past experience I will anticipate people's reaction and answer their question here and now:
No, I have NOT given up on The Suffering. I just haven't played it much lately. I'll continue The Suffering once I've either finished or given up on the game collection video series.

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