Sunday, 1 November 2009

Kurt Russell Changes Everything

I might as well tell you how my Halloween went. I stayed home and watched Twilight Zone episodes all night (Halloween isn't that big of a thing here in Finland so it's not like I had anything special to do anyway). I got through 17 episodes before I went to bed at 6 AM.
That was just the Halloween night, though. Before that and after my last blog post I also watched Jeepers Creepers, Jeepers Creepers 2, Child's Play 1, Child's Play 2, Child's Play 3, Bride of Chucky, Seed of Chucky, Poltergeist, Poltergeist 2, Poltergeist 3, Halloween 3 and Duel.
I think that was all.

Loved Duel. Got the idea to watch it from the beginning of Jeepers Creepers. I once saw the very ending bit on TV and knew the premise and the part in Jeepers Creepers where the Creeper's truck smashes the kids' car reminded me of Duel very slightly.
Didn't like Poltergeist. I mean, I knew it wasn't a massacre-type of film, I knew nobody dies in it, and I wanted to just see something with a scary atmosphere and angry ghosts throwing stuff around and what-not, but Poltergeist wasn't at all as good as I thought it would be after all the praise from horror enthusiasts. I don't know, maybe I'm already desensitized by shitty horror movies, maybe it takes several viewings or maybe you just had to see it back in the day without any expectations, but for me it didn't quite match the hype. I'm a scaredy-cat and I watched it past midnight in a dimly lit room all by my lonesome, but I still didn't jump too high at any time. I also found some of the characters to be incredibly stupid. The little girl was a great actor, though, in all the movies. Too bad she didn't get to act in more films, she'd be freaking marvelous now.

My plans of watching Clue, The Thing and Evil Dead 2 were scrapped thanks to my addiction to The Twilight Zone, and also because I suddenly got the great idea that I'll watch the films or at least Clue with my family, but I made the mistake of suggesting we'd watch some bloody horror movies first. They weren't too interested, until I told them that The Thing stars Kurt Russell.
My mother said jokingly (or not, I don't know, our family can't convey humour through the tone of voice right) that if Kurt Russell's in that movie then that changes everything, and had I said something earlier we could've watched it. So, I made my mother promise me that we'd watch The Thing today, and we did. She liked it, and said that it wasn't anything like the idiotic horror movies she knows.
Only part of the movie she couldn't stand was the blood-test scene where they draw a bit of blood from everyone.

Now I'm going to continue watching Twilight Zone episodes until I'm so tired that I'll find myself in the Twilight Zone, watching myself watch myself watch myself in the Twilight Zone.
Won't take too long, judging by the stinging of my eyes and the growing pressure on my forehead. It's only 10:31 PM.

Oh, yeah. Didn't quite get through the Suffering before the end of the month, now did I...

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