Wednesday, 23 September 2009

The next project

This is something I was supposed to tell you about several times already and what I originally wanted to make the vlogs I left undone about.

Some months ago I received a personal message on YouTube asking me to make a video showing my game collection. Now, if you know me at all, you can probably guess that most of the time when people ask me to do something my first thought is "NO!" with the second being "fuck, now I have to write up a nice reply to this ass", but oddly, this time around I immediately thought YES.
Why did I think it's a good idea? I don't know, I guess it's because I like to show my video games without doing that horribly painful job of actually playing through the crap. Playing video games is like the worst part of video gaming, but showing off my moderate collection, especially the games that I will never make video walkthroughs for, sounds like fun.

BUT, I'm not going to do it the same way I've seen others do it. If you've ever watched a game collection video on YouTube, it most like has been some shaky footage of a guy silently going through hundreds of video games, picking them up one game at a time from giant piles lying around and showing the cover, often in bad lighting by the way, for a second or two. That's boring, and doesn't do much for most people.
Think about it, if you have never heard of Deep Water and some guy in a blurry YouTube video shows you a game cover with a shark on it for a second before putting it away without even reading the title outloud, do you even care? Probably not, and when 600 titles from that guy's collection of 700 games are something you haven't played yourself, unless you know that person in person, there's as much point to the video as just typing 'game cover art' on Google image search and looking through the results. Actually, the Google search results may be even better as they're possibly better quality, stay there for as long as you don't click next page and possibly lead you to pages that further describe the game's content in case you're intrigued by the art.

So, what I was thinking of doing is not just show the covers, but say in a few words what I think of the game and, through the magic of video editing, add in a few gameplay clips to show you something more than just an artist's view on what the premise of the game could possibly be. After all, most covers, albeit often beautiful and interesting in their own right, are just that and make the famous proverb ring true.
Another thing, since my current webcam is useless with Vista, I can't show the covers in my possibly badly lit room and instead am forced to show clearer scanned images, so I think that although my game collection videos won't necessarily be too interesting to regular joe, at least they will be better than most other collection videos and will give you a really good look at what sort of crap I've stored on my shelves.
I'm hoping to get through about 15-25 games in a video, with the amount of time given for each game ranging from 10 to 40 seconds depending on how much I actually have to say about or show of it, and I plan on making update videos everytime I've gotten a bunch of new games that haven't been listed in the collection yet, making it an ever-continuing series.
Also note that I don't want to list games I've borrowed, traded/sold just recently, or gotten from *ahem* bearded, one-eyed skippers with parrots on their shoulders. I have quite a few NES/SNES/SEGA roms, most of which I haven't even really tried out, so saying I have them all would be pretty fookin' stupid and thus all not-so-commercial copies of games should be left out of the list, for ethics alone if nothing else. Just saying, in case you notice that a game I've recorded isn't in the collection.

There's probably not going to be many walkthroughs getting done during the time I make the collection videos because I want to record as much footage as possible and perhaps scan the covers myself, but even if I cut corners, the editing and properly forming my thoughts on the games for each video will take a bit more time than regular walkingthrough. In any case, I'm certain the effort and time spent will be worth it in the long run.


Continuing with updates on the movies I've seen lately, yesterday night I watched Russ Meyer's UP!, Beneath the Valley of the Ultravixens and Beyond the Valley of the Dolls. Think what you will but the guy is a visual genius and an ounce of the same creativity and talent wouldn't harm the movie-makers of today.

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