Saturday, 26 September 2009

The stream has dried up

Completely unbelievable! I ran out of videos! For some months now there's been a steady stream of videos, about 2-5 a day, and now I have nothing ready because I haven't recorded anything in weeks.
Well, I might as well start working on the game collection list tonight. I'll just finish up reorganizing my room, watch a few more movies and start hoarding some roms so I can record footage for the games, as I'm going to begin with GBC and Sega games and nobody wants a slideshow of a GameBoy Color screen.
I really have to finish up the project in my room first, though, as there's been all sorts of stuff everywhere just halfway through their journey to some other shelf for a week now, and I can't concentrate on anything. That project didn't come to a halt just because of my own laziness this time around, but because I have this old, giant Philips tv and my old pc monitor taking up hefty amounts of space and I only just today heard that next Tuesday I can get rid of the TV. It's a good tv, but it's way too big and considering that I just recently got a wide HD flatscreen telly that takes way less room, the old behemoth is rather useless.

Update on the movies:
I watched The Blues Brothers one night (or morning morelike), and Reservoir Dogs the next afternoon. Could you believe it that I have never seen those movies before? Sounds ridiculous, but there's always been something stopping me from seeing them, like something's come up or I've just forgotten when they've been on tv or when I've had the chance to catch them someplace else. Was about freakin' time I saw those classics.
Continuing onwards, I watched A Dirty Shame and it was quite a bit more fun than what I was expecting after hearing the premise and people's reviews. Then I watched Emanuelle In America, which was even more boring than what I expected (besides, she spent more time in Europe than she did in the US).
Yesterday I watched Straw Dogs, which naturally was very good, and later in the evening I watched I Spit On Your Grave, which made me scared of the thought of ever being in the same tub with a chick. As if that hallucinatory episode of House with the exploding penis wasn't enough to mess up my fragile psyche and cause nightmares regarding the use of my you-know-what-area. Well, the film was good anyhow, and luckily I'm not a rapist. I would like to own a tub, though.

A few movies that I forgot to mention earlier but just found again in time to mention them in this blog, I did watch The Running Man, Silent Night Deadly Night, Postal, Predator 2 and High Tension a week or so ago.

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