Monday, 21 September 2009

Johnny's WebShlog Is Here!

Yeah. With the domain's expiration the website's mostly unreachable right now even though the complete site is still hosted on the server, but until all the kinks have been worked out through vigorous hammering of computers, this blog is all you have. Let us hope that with less to worry about I will finally start keeping you updated on various things more often.

Since I'm having one of my movie phases again, I may as well update you on the films I'm watching. So far I've only watched the four Psycho movies, and here's a quick review of them: The first is a great classic, the second is a must see as well, the third is passable time-waster and the fourth one is rather weak in comparison. If anybody's interested to read some indepth reviews, just ask.

I'll probably soon update you on something that I was supposed to tell you about weeks ago. Been pretty busy reorganizing my bedroom completely and trying to gather the few dozen movies I intend to watch this month.

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