Saturday, 12 September 2009


For good, I suppose. The domain has now expired.
I feel so... weak, and... lost, and I need comforting... ladies, could you please come a hug me... naked? Just a little nookie nookie woo woo to keep me going?

Yeah, I'm not too hurt. See, tomorrow* I've most likely come up with a solution and a dozen new problems that all work just as fine as the old website. You'll see.

You can't hold a good man down, and while you're trying, I'm running away before you realize that it's the wrong man you're keeping down.

* tomorrow could be just about any day, perhaps never. You know me, I don't do shit.


  1. so.....about this hug. do i have to buy a plain ticket or are you gonna buy me one.

  2. Depends on how good the hug is and how many times you're going to hug me. Perhaps you could become my permanent personal hugger...

  3. that can easily be arranged. i can just live with you and whenever your feeling down we'll just get to huggin