Friday, 29 April 2011

With Hitman: Contracts finished, I'll take my leave

Death to Spies is way too buggy to be recorded, so I gave it up. I already mentioned in the earlier post that the cutscenes are problematic, but on top of that there's some framerate issues whenever I turn Fraps on, and on top of that the AI is buggier than I remembered. The levels also take longer to complete than what I thought and I don't want to upload every level in two parts when there's hardly anything happening (the game can occasionally be a little bit boring). So, forget about it.

Hitman: Blood Money, forget about this game too. I tried recording the first mission for a few hours, and again the framerate is a little bit wonky and I really don't want to spend hours and hours recording and editing and uploading just to have more than half of the comments be complaints about how the videos are shitty looking slideshows. I'll record Blood Money when I've either upgraded my PC, which will be never, or bought the game for PS2, which will be seemingly never since I can't fucking find it.

I were only interested in recording Thief: Deadly Shadows, Spy Fiction and Tenchu: Fatal Shadows to make this sort of a stealth game marathon, but there's not much point when the main attractions can't be uploaded.

I'll go do something else now.

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