Thursday, 28 April 2011

I'm not insane!

Alright, a small update on absolutely nothing.
Today I had my psychologist's appointment, but I chickened out and just walked past the building. I did, however, decide to do the unthinkable and go to the drugstore to get my drugs on a whim. I don't know, maybe I'm not as afraid of getting myself into social situations as I think I am, maybe I just don't like to get into social situations when other people force me into them. I never had any say in this doctor and psychologist stuff myself.

I don't know why I take pictures of my games either. I just do.
But more importantly, yesterday I went out to buy video games because I once again saw online that there was a game in my usual store that I wanted. You'll never guess what it is, not in a million years! Well, if you're not going to guess it then I suppose it's pointless to talk about it... hell, I'll tell you anyway: It's Deus Ex, for PS2! Although it is for PS2 and not PC, it shouldn't be too much of a problem as I've read that apart from more loading screens it's very faithful to the original, and being the happy owner of 95 PS2 games I think I can avoid discriminating the PS2 port of one of the world's best video game experiences just for being inferior.
The store still has the "buy three get one free" offer so I also bought Syberia and Syberia 2 for PS2, so I sort of got Deus Ex free of charge. Syberia's supposed to be one of the all time best adventure games, especially considering it having been made long after the actual golden age of adventure games. I'm not much of an adventure gamer myself, I mean, just look at my Fukkaround of Fahrenheit (fail minigames in order to not get game over, what the fuck? I still don't get it), but I hope Syberia's still entertaining. Syberia 2 is supposed to suck in comparison, but I thought I'd complete the series in one fell swoop.

I guess you want to know about walkthroughs, since I am doing them again for the time being. I decided to start recording Death to Spies before Hitman: Blood Money, because Blood Money is the game I play to relax and Death to Spies is the game I play to slowly kill myself, so it makes sense to leave Blood Money for later to calm me back down. If you don't know how difficult Death to Spies is in comparison to Hitman games, here's something to give you the general idea: yesterday night I spent more than six hours recording only the first level of the game on Normal difficulty. Alright, the main reason it took so long is that I decided to record a clean run without any saving mid-level and the game is a little bit buggy, but still. The later levels especially give me the chills, I still remember spending two days trying to beat level 8 and still not finishing it silently. Dear Lord, what have I gotten myself into again?
I also think it's a good idea recording Blood Money later because I think I'll be spending much more time on it. Like I said, I can't decide on any one way of beating some of the levels, so I'm planning to maybe upload the cutscenes separately from the actual missions and then record and upload several different runs of the levels. Like A New Life for example, I counted 3-5 ways I could do the mission, each one distinctively different from the others. Not every missions has enough options to warrant several complete runthroughs as it doesn't matter much if you syringe or fiber wire the target, but most have potentially at least two very different ways to be completed. But, we shall see if I can bother to record, edit, render and upload that much.

By the way, the Death to Spies walkthrough probably won't have the cutscenes intact. Not only are the cutscenes incredibly dull, but the game is so bugged that majority of the cutscenes don't even play correctly, so you'd be missing half of the lacking dialogue anyway. I don't really think anyone even cares if there's cutscenes, people will probably just completely overlook this walkthrough and complain about me not doing Blood Money immediately.
If you want to know more about how Death to Spies' story unfolds, here's the entire plot transcribed:
Some high ranking Russian army officer is suspected of treason, so this other high ranking officer questions our protagonist regarding his assignments during World War II. Every cutscene goes like this:
- High ranking officer man: You were part of this and this operation. Tell me about it.
- Our protagonist: I was dropped a mile south of the location... [gameplay begins here]
So, you won't be missing much. I'll leave in the final cutscene just to piss you off, though.

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