Saturday, 23 April 2011

Hitman Contracts walkthrough coming so soon it's already here!

First things first and things related to the Contracts walkthrough foremost: I wrote about my first ever playthrough of Hitman Contracts on this very same blog back in early 2010. In case you don't recall ever reading them, and who would've read them when hardly anyone knows of my blog's existence, but are interested to know how I felt playing Contracts months after Hitman 2 made me think the series sucks, read these posts:

So I started recording a walkthrough for Hitman Contracts, as you may have already noticed if you've looked at my YouTube channel today. I wanted to fullfill at least one of my many promises and thought that doing a Hitman Contracts walkthrough was the easiest one. It's a Silent Assassin runthrough on Professional difficulty and I'll mostly be using the probably best known ways of beating the levels, so it's nothing special.
After I'm done with Contracts I'll do Blood Money, and I'm taking requests for methods of beating the levels. Because Hitman games don't require CD's to be played, Blood Money has been the go-to game of mine whenever I have felt bored, and after the numerous playthroughs and different tactics experienced I tend to find myself a little bit lost on what exactly I want to do when I start playing a level. I certainly don't know what to record and show to people.

After Blood Money I also plan to record walkthroughs for at least Death to Spies and Thief: Deadly Shadows, but most likely also Spy Fiction and Tenchu: Fatal Shadows. Beyond those, I don't think I'll record any other walkthroughs for YouTube. Unless, of course, I can find Death to Spies 2.

As per usual I did have plans for other type of content to put out, but looking at the largely unedited Second Sight LP videos and the barely-worked-on Sony Vegas project file I've had on my PC for the past 6-7 months I think I should just go fuck myself rather than start and not finish anything new.

Also, next week I have an appointment with a psychologist. I tend to get panic attacks whenever I face any sort of social situations and my mother thought it best that I see a doctor before I have to deal with the army business again, and to get over the problem so that I can educate myself further and get a job.
This might explain why I make such a big deal about going out to buy video games, every time I go outside and deal with store clerks and random people looking at me when I just miss my bus and people coming to ask me about my opinions on politics on the street is a small victory for me. It's a little bit silly, I'm supposed to just walk into the psychologist's room, which alone I'm normally afraid to do, to talk to a person I'll be afraid of talking to about a subject I'm afraid of talking about. I haven't even answered the phone when they've been calling me to schedule the appointment, and I got prescripted some really mild sedative type of drugs that according to the doctor I briefly saw don't actually do anything, but I'm too afraid of going to the chemist's to get them.
I don't know if it's a good idea to talk about psychologist appointments on the Internet, I actually think it's a bit stupid, but this is my personal blog that's supposed to be about my personal matters as much as it is about video games, and honestly this is the only pressing issue I've had in years, so why not mention it.

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  1. if you manage to pick up leisure suit larry box office bust or leisure suit larry magna cum laude (maybe PC version so you can get patches for some a 'better' experience) and do a play through with commentary. it's so shit no one will bother takin it down.

    - Derek