Tuesday, 6 April 2010


I played through the first four missions in Thief II: The Metal Age yesterday and I like the game a lot. I started playing on Normal but I think I'll restart entirely on Expert, because it's outright laughable on Normal. I like the game so much I may retry the original Thief again after I'm done with Thief II and Thief III.

I didn't go buy those three cheap games today, mostly because I got up so late that I would've had to hurry and wouldn't have had enough time to shower. I did come up with a way to sort of limit my interest in wasting money, though. Instead of wrestling with my conscience about going there to buy all three games at once, I'll grant myself to surely buy ONE affordable game every day, with the catch being that I walk there and back every time I go buy something. Then I'll have a new game and get some much needed exercise and some fresh exhaust fumes to fill my lungs with, and I get to see the ugly black snow slowly melt away on the side of the highway. When I've done that journey once and I'm back home playing my new game I have plenty of time to consider if anything is really worth that trip. I know already that it's not, the scenery is downright ugly the entire way there and I HAVE to walk along the widest and busiest highway in town. Brilliant! My plan is flawless.

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