Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Yesterday night after posting the update I showered and shaved my beard and went out for a walk. Lots of pretty girls out there, I was surprised. Regularly there's only old women walking their dogs.
I played the first mission of Thief 2 on Expert and collected all loot and knocked out all guards. Because of the third silver coin on the level I realized my game was the unpatched 1.07 and decided to to go and download a 1.18 patch so I can later play the user made levels. After doing that I spent some hours just listening to spaghetti western themes and the night ran a bit late.
Today I got up at 2 PM and naturally missed the chance to walk to the game store to buy one game, because the walk there takes at least an hour or more and the store closes rather early. I don't like to just jump up from bed and hurry out immediately so I have to move that trek for a later date. Tomorrow, hopefully.
After reading the newest Donald Duck and eating the last of the apple pie I installed the 1.18 patch I downloaded for Thief 2, and it messed up the game so that it doesn't recognize the CDs anymore. Had to uninstall and reinstall the game and I suppose I'll just endure the unpatched version. Worked fine the first four missions so I suppose it's not unplayable.
Since I had to install Thief 2 again and since I'll restart the game again whether the old saves were saved or not I decided to go and install the original Thief as well and try to play through it before I go back to Thief 2. Maybe I can understand more of the game's world that way.

I'll go dig up my old PC monitor from the closet now and try to carry it to my mother. She may find a use for it since she has my old computer already, the one the monitor originally came with no less.
After that I'll start playing Thief once more.

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