Monday, 5 April 2010

Jagged Alliance 2 Gold has a Jagged Installation Too. Gold.

Tried to install Jagged Alliance 2 Gold but no luck in getting it done, and after Blood Money I'm thirsty for more stealth gameplay anyway so I went and installed Thief 2 and that works. Well, works and works... it keeps getting stuck, and although I am aware of the first two Thief games' affinity problem and know how to fix the situation to my surprise that's not apparently the main issue. When I return to desktop after the game crashes I am greeted by a notice saying I need the game disc. Well, it's not asking for the Thief 2 disc, it keeps crying after the Jagged Alliance 2 disc I never got working. PC gaming at it's best!

I'd hate to spend a Monday fighting with PC games and their bugs and patches and affinities, but I'm guessing that if I tried playing NOLF it would just ask me to insert the Starsky & Hutch CD.

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