Monday, 5 April 2010

I am a Pianoman

Yesterday was oddly forgettable. It's weird seeing how I don't do much any day.

I recall eating mashed potatoes.
I played some Metropolismania 2 because my sister was visiting and she doesn't yet have a computer of her own so I have to let her use mine to check her email and Facebook and what ever it is modern people do online these days. I don't use these social networking sites much myself, I only have a Netlog account I never use.
Metropolismania 2 is a guilty pleasure but I can never play it for long before quitting without saving, because no matter how nicely I start I always fuck up sooner or later. Yesterday I was doing very nicely but then accidentally built a hospital one square away from all possible roads. People were still happy about the hospital, but it's blocked entrance annoyed me too much.

I spent a good chunk of the evening watching gameplay videos on YouTube, trying to figure out if certain games were worth purchasing or not. Yes, I am once again tempted by affordable prices. There's these three great games I could get cheap and I got 50 euros in cash now.
It's painful to look at their prices. I'm supposed to save up for Red Dead Redemption but it's hard because it's release date is May 21st in Europe and up until last Friday I thought it was 17th of April. 47 days left.
It's also hard to resist buying the games because I know I have a nice sum in the bank that and I could take a portion to buy RDR2 next month. I'd say I'm addicted to video games but looking at other people makes me reconsider that diagnosis. I buy mostly old games that cost me less than music CDs, DVD movies and some of my games are even cheaper than a pack of cigarettes. Generally my nasty habits and brainless entertainment swallow far, far less money in a month than most people's nasty habits and entertainment does in only a few days.
Only thing really slowing me down in my quest to buy more games is the god awful (not saying God is awful!) bus fares. If I take a bus to my gaming store of choice, and I'd have to take a bus even to the nearest gaming store, the trip there and back costs me a quarter of the sum I'd spend on several video games. I could walk, and would rather walk, but I can't trust my knees. If I collapse on my way back home, it'll be a long crawl on the rocky road.

I also played Hitman: Blood Money yesterday night. Nope, not even thinking about retrying Requiem. What I did was I tried my best to assassinate everyone in the levels as stealthy as possible, with fiber wire and melee weapons if at all possible, and that takes more skill than just getting Silent Assassin rating because you need to know the level like the back of your hand and memorize all the guard patrols and who you can fiber wire and who can't be lured away with a coin and find a way to split groups of guards and so on and so on. I did it successfully once in Hitman Contracts in Asylum Aftermath where there's SWAT teams with four guys each running around and generally being suspicious about everything, and I even recorded that run, but I was too tired to edit 2 hours of footage into a 10 minute YouTube video that would just get the Hitman SA-crazies to post shit in the comments about not being good enough to get SA ranking.
In Blood Money so far I've only silently killed everyone in 'Flatline' because it's perhaps the easiest chapter for that, no large gatherings of people and majority of the people spend at least a few seconds alone every now and then even if they do spend a lot of time in busier areas. The evil in me laughed loudly when the nurses found more and more bodies piled up in one and the same room and how one of them found the dead security guard sitting in his chair when a guest bodyguard was dragging another dead victim in a bodybag there. That sight sort of shows the recent "accidents" in a new light. I also got the chance to do a double kill, poisoning one orderly and strangling the other at the same time. Great fun.
Do remember that it's just a video game and I don't intend to kill anyone in real life. At least not as long as I can buy new video games. Watch out for the bald man in a suit that stands behind you while you pee.

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