Friday, 30 April 2010

It's an illness, a condition I want named after myself

I was downtown just today... with some money in my pocket... I came back home without that money, and instead I had these five games in my bag. I'm not really sad about most of the purchases, as for once they were worth the price I paid for the most part, but two things bug me: first, I didn't find one of the games I really wanted to get and was pretty much the reason why I went out in the first place. Second, I made one really dumb purchase: I bought Desperados 2: Cooper's Revenge for 10 euros. It's the most expensive game I've bought since January, and it may also be the crappiest. I know it's crappy, because I've played a friend's copy of it before, up to the 4th chapter, and I didn't like it. So of course THAT is the one impulse purchase I made instead of the three better, cheaper games I had my eye on. I'm an idiot like that. It's not my fault, it's a sickness.

Couldn't finish Beyond Good & Evil. Unfortunately the special effects used in the game clash with my video card and cause a slight problem with the very, VERY final boss phase and it doesn't allow me to get the final hit in due to that battle having a lot of special effects. It's saddening because it really is the LAST damn series of hits I need to get in to beat the game. In comparison it's about the same as shooting the light Eco at Gol and Maia's Precursor robot at the end of Jak & Daxter, the FINAL blow of the entire game.

Playing Broken Sword: Angel of Death currently. A pretty great game and the puzzles make some actual sense, the weirdest bit so far has been lighting a dry plant on fire to cause the fire alarm to go off, and that's actually not entirely insane. I like adventure games that make sense and don't hurry me.

I also quickly counted my games just now, and it seems I have 205 individual legally purchased and paid for games on my shelf. The number may be slightly off, though. I took into account collection packs (Thief, Hitman) and games that have other full games on the same disc (Tekken 5), but I excluded all duplicates, games I have both separate and in a collection (GTA2, Fallout 2). It's difficult to tell exactly what games I have since some games have older games as an extra on the disc and I also happen to have a lot of demo discs for PC, PS1 and PS2 that may or may not have full games on them that I have never actually tried. There's also the ever so cheap MD 52 in 1, which I counted as only one game, and MGS4 with it's MGO2 game. MGO is considered to be an individual game but I counted it as one with MGS4, though.
I also didn't count any games I legally own but don't have on a disc of any sort, because in my opinion discless games don't make a collection. Yes, I confess, I am an asshole who laughs at people who claim that they have a nice collection of Steam games. You may think you have a lot, but I can't actually see any of them. Can you be sure you have them without any physical evidence?

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