Saturday, 24 April 2010

If you want to know what I've been doing all week, I've been watching movies and coughing violently. Seeing the Crank movies started it all, really. Crank: High Voltage has a reference to the Transporter movies, also starring Jason Statham, and I realized I haven't seen those films before either. So one movie led to another and now I've even watched some old ones I've had around for a while but never got around to watching, mostly from public domain. Because public domain is free and full of gold.

I did start recording a walkthrough of Hitman: Blood Money for YouTube, but then I started thinking that since I have done Codename 47 and Silent Assassin before, why not do Contracts first and THEN Blood Money, go through the games in order. I recorded Contracts for an hour or two and then started thinking that it's a bit silly of me to do it. YouTube is a shithole meant for talentless wankers who upload short gameplay videos, vlogs and AMVs and they've made it clear that they're still too good for me. I've got the no-talent bit nailed but apparently I don't jerk off enough to meet the secondary requirement.
Sure YouTube has some truly talented people uploading content there (note: NOT the partners) but in the past years a lot of my favourite original contributors have been kicked off of YouTube, have had theirs videos removed for bullshit reasons or have closed their accounts for their own personal reasons and I'm not sure if have any reason to really stay on YouTube even for other people's content. All the great ones are moving somewhere else, and for a good reason as far as I am concerned. YouTube seems more like a text chat than a legitimate video host these days.
Now I'm not that great myself, but I am still feeling a bit stupid for uploading crap to YouTube for several years and now that I have been successfully off of YouTube for so long and I have a more pressing reason to put effort in whatever I do next, if I want to create content then I should really create it, not just play a video game and call it art. I just keep stalling because if I can't make anything better than a recording of an old PC game, then it's a bit embarrassing.

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