Monday, 19 April 2010

I haven't written anything because I have mostly been sleeping all day every day. Because of my sore throat I didn't feel like drinking coffee so I've also had a huge headache the past couple of days. Although my throat got a little better on Friday the cough's a lot worse today and it hurts. It also had the annoying little side effect of completely locking my right ear and it felt like the right side of my head was going to burst open any moment for a short while earlier today. Doesn't feel too bad now but the ear is still locked shut.

I watched the two Crank movies just now. Great flicks.

I recorded a video of Hitman: Blood Money on Saturday night that I intended to cut and edit a bit to make it slightly humorous, but the necessary gameplay alone went over YouTube's time limit, not enough room for my jokes and it just wouldn't work at all in two parts. So that's scrapped. Probably wouldn't have been that funny anyway, no big deal.

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