Wednesday, 5 May 2010

My cactus is blossoming. Two big red flowers are open. Wonderful. Other than the flowers the cactus itself looks to be in a bit of a bad condition, but I suppose and hope it was just the long, cold winter and that it'll get better during the summer. Wouldn't want to kill yet another cactus.
I thought about taking a picture of the flowers but either my digital camera's broken (more than likely) or my rechargeable batteries are crap (also more than likely). My new webcam's USB chord doesn't have enough reach and the cactus is difficult to handle so I don't feel like trying to move it around just because of a picture of it's flowers.

As you may have noticed, once again I have mostly not been writing about anything lately. See here, I have days, or rather weeks when I just can't find the energy to do or focus on anything and everything seems pointless and life is just horrible shit everyone must endure until they die, and that's how I've felt recently. Other times I feel like everything in life is great and I should do something big immediately, and then I start either re-organizing my room, creating a new website with big plans or start putting together a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. Hell, once I even started exercising, lifting weights and what-not, and the idea of me being physically active is really just insane. I suppose I may be slightly manic depressive, though I wouldn't really dare to make such bold claims about having some mental disorder without some professional back-up.
Just telling you so you know why every now and then I make claims about being horribly active in some way and other times don't post at all or post only about how I'm sitting on my ass all day.

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