Friday, 12 March 2010

Latencyfield Heroes

Horrible. In BFH I've mostly been playing a commando and hardly ever an aggressive one so I haven't really noticed it before (apart from commandos who knife air and kill me), but my connection is so awful that I have actually been battling ghosts all along. Yesterday night and today I've tried out my other characters and new tactics and I've noticed that the lag has been even worse than I previously thought. Either I'm not where I seem to be or the enemies aren't where they seem to be. I also don't always get updated on damage I've taken, so to me it sometimes looks like someone killed me with one bullet when my health goes down to 0 from 110 in one hit.

I already suck compared to most of the other players, so this crap connection really screws me bad. All I can do in BFH is to mark targets, leave troop traps and hope nobody runs into my ghost (the image they see running a second or two behind my actual character). My internet provider has to rent the phone lines of a competing firm in my area since they don't have a permission to install their own lines to this part of town so they won't offer any faster connections here, and since it's not me who pays for the internet I can't switch to another service provider.

Battlefield Heroes is a fun game where the most important thing is to do what you do best, not just run in blindly and kill everything (although that helps, too). I would just like to enjoy the fun without all this extra crap.

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