Saturday, 13 March 2010

Honest cheaters BUY their hacks for free games?

Been playing a lot more Battlefield Heroes. Nothing much to say except that I've started to suspect everyone to be a cheater now thanks to this one guy who was so clearly using a hack that there was no doubt about it, I spent several matches just testing him and looking at the way that guy played.
It sucks being constantly in high alert. I know almost everyone else is playing fair and just having fun like me, but I feel like I have to constantly keep a close eye on everybody just because one out of a thousand is a loser who can't play. I've even started recording matches now in case I run into more cheaters.
It just pisses me off. It's a free game, and some people actually feel the need to beef up their stats with aimbotters and wallhacks so in case someone happens to glance over their online profiles their stats bear closer inspection. What annoys me even more is that people are actually PROUD of creating and using hacks to cheat in an online multiplayer game. There's even some site that sells hacks, which is just bizarre. If someone is the kind who uses hacks to get easy kills in free online games for nothing more than bragging rights, in free online games, then I doubt that person actually PAYS to get those hacks.
An honest cheater would be a bit of an oxymoron, and a complete moron.

Battlefield Heroes is a fun game, though.

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