Thursday, 11 March 2010

Battlefield Villains

Been playing Battlefield Heroes all day today, only stopped to eat some grilled tuna sandwiches. I haven't even touched the jigsaw puzzle. There's only the sky left, about 200 pieces of blue.

I would've liked to write more about the matches I've had today in Heroes, but I just got so pissed off by the first ever cheater I've witnessed.
I'm the sort of guy who generally suspects everyone's a cheat until proven innocent, but I acknowledge that it's just my problem and I never let even the luckiest shots bother me for more than 5 seconds, I play just to have fun, but today I was playing as a commando and I was shot with one bullet while I was in stealth mode. I wasn't marked, the guy who shot me couldn't have known I was behind him and I was so far away that he couldn't have seen me. I wasn't even using any abilites or widgets. He just turns around and casually shoots me across the yard while I'm in stealth mode, but although I got suspicious I decided to give him the benefit of doubt like I always do. Maybe it was a bug or something or maybe he got really really lucky, but in any case it wasn't reason enough for me to officially accuse him of anything. Could be that I'm just going nuts and it was my mistake, but soon after my death other people in the chat talked about it happening constantly to them, he kept shooting at them while they were still perfectly in stealth.
I know a lot of new players (and especially bad players) tend to accuse other people of cheating so other people's comments alone wouldn't make me do anything more than keep a sharper eye out just in case, but having witnessed that odd occurence myself right BEFORE others mentioned it is proof enough for me, because I was there. I won't report him or anything though, there's always dozens of people crying about cheaters (and they're always wrong) so I don't reckon anyone would just take my word for it. In any case it just pisses me right off and I'll make sure to never stay in a match with that guy again, I have enough trouble fighting the legitimate players.

I'll go make some more coffee and then continue playing. I'm sad now because I was originally going to praise Battlefield Heroes and how much fun it is and now that damn cheater got my attention. May the loser's internet go up in flames!

Hey, I didn't mean my int---

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