Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Tuesday... again

I watched two of Russ Meyer's films on one DVD since I had a part of his collection sitting on the shelf and I've never watched that particular DVD yet. It's the one that has The Immoral Mr. Teas and Eve and the Handyman on it. Watched them late at night, so late it was tuesday already and thus the update regarding watching the films is a valid part of a blog post about tuesday.

Went to bed at 4 am.
I had a weird dream where I went back to school and did nothing, and the teachers poisoned everyone with my favourite type of candy (though I was smart enough to not eat it), after which we (even the kids who supposedly died of the poison in the candy) went to some weird recording studio classroom and started singing crappy songs.
An averige Finnish school day to put it short.

I woke up at 4 pm.
Made some coffee.

Watched the newest Atop the 4th Wall episode and some other videos online.

I warmed some fish soup in the microwave and subsequently placed it all in the trash. I'm sick of fish soup.

Made more coffee.

I played a bit of Raging Blades for the first time ever. Bought the game six months ago and thought it might be a crappy but interesting beat em up. Turned out to be a crappy and not very interesting beat em up. Sadly, as a beat em up lover, I have to admit it's not even the worst of 3D beat em ups. There's not many of it's kind out there, and I own the best already.

Watched Spoony's new Ripper videos. Great stuff. I've watched some of his videos several times, and I've made it through his entire Phantasmagoria 2 LP at least three times so far, and I have a feeling that I will watch the Ripper playthrough from beginning to end several times this year alone.

I'm sad. I looked at what sort of shit the TV has to offer for tonight, and saw that Force Ten from Navarone was on. Unfortunately there was only 10 minutes left of the running time, and it takes me a minute or so to sort the cables and wires and get the TV on, even if I hurry. Could've easily and gladly watched it, I wasn't doing anything important (apart from solving some of the worlds toughest crimes, holding a seminar about mastering and perfecting love making, and developing the formula for my new cure that turns cats into dogs, allowing people to have good pets that don't shit toxic waste).

Speaking of saw. Some days ago (last week I guess), I was cutting up my latest victim into bits so that he'll fit into my neighbour's tube socks, when I found a data disk inside his liver (the victim, not my neighbour). I checked it out because if I was a cat I'd have myself killed, and saw (lol) some gameplay footage of the "new" video game Saw, a game I had absolutely zero interest in for the obvious reasons.
When about a month or so ago I saw (loler) the cover of the game somewhere, probably in my favourite video game store back when I had some money, I thought to myself 'man, what the fuck did those fucking guys behind that fucking game have in mind? It'll never work, it'll only make some truckloads of money thanks to the titl...', and I stopped myself there because I answered my own question already. I thought it would be some stupid fps with slight references to Jigsaw or something, but no! The actual gameplay preview footage made me not only realize it was a puzzle/adventure game where you control Jigsaw's victim in a Jigsaw's maze full of Jigsaw's deadly (and overthoughtly complicated) Jigsaw traps from third-person perspective, a slow paced puzzle/adventure game, but also that I want it. Because it's a slow paced puzzle/adventure game.
I couldn't give a shit about the movies, I've seen the first two and never thought much of them. Didn't hate them, but didn't soil my trousers out of excitement either (I soiled them because I have weird bowel movement). The game on the other hand... I want it. I want to try it. I want to play it, fail at it, start hating it and wish I never mentioned it on my blog. Too bad I have no money and it's not interesting enough to make it to the top of my wishlist anyway.

Thought I'd go to bed after writing this post. I noticed have some luggage under my eyes when I glanced in the mirror earlier.

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