Friday, 29 January 2010

RE5, and my PS3 is full of junk already

Started playing Resident Evil 5 yesterday night. A pretty fun game, but I'm playing it like a little girl, on Amateur difficulty and really, REALLY slowly. I pick up everything and use the knife a lot, but I haven't found a single BSAA emblem yet despite my habit of spending 10 minutes an area looking through every nook and cranny.
Two people asked me how anyone could spend 22 hours on Easy mode in RE4 when I uploaded my RE4 LP and while saving you could see my old file. Well, if you looked carefully, you noticed that I picked up every item and didn't even need to search for them, not even the one herb hidden inside a solid object that you couldn't see. Well, I spent 22 hours looking for them the first time, and I'm doing it again in RE5.

I also play on amateur because I'm not that interested in the game, and most likely all I will do is play through once to get the hang of it and get the items and upgrades to make things even easier, then finish it on Veteran with all the help from the first run and save Professional mode for the future when I feel like trophy hunting again. If it wasn't for the trophies, RE5 would a one playthrough game for me, like RE4 was.

My biggest problem with the game is the tank like control scheme. RE5 seems to be even less of a survival horror than RE4 was, but it still sticks to the old minor inconveniencies that made the originals survival horror: limiting camera and no way of moving around when the gun is drawn. Thing is, I have never been been a survival horror fan, even when those things were more than acceptable in order to make it... more... something. Survivaly horror I guess. I certainly dislike the limiting camera and slow controls in my shooting games. I don't wish to have the camera show everything or be able to run and gun since those would just make RE5 even less RE, but I do wish the areas were slightly more closed (they're now so open the camera just makes me feel narrow sighted) and that I could slowly walk while aiming. Then again, I guess I just don't get the survival horror thing and everything in RE5 is right dandy.

The inventory and storing of equipment, though... I like it. You'd think a fellar like me who hates everything that makes games... well, games I guess, would dislike having such a limited space for items, but no! I like it forcing me to think about what I should carry with me. Although, I also thoroughly enjoyed the briefcase inventory in RE4 also. Wouldn't mind some kind of mix, a small-ish briefcase with a storage container coming up between chapters... ok, I'm weird, but I still like the inventory systems and storage management in RE games. Ha, could even be the only reason I would ever play the originals. Now isn't that a tad insane?!

I'm also angry about next-gen inconveniencies, again. When I started playing RE5, as usual it had to install the game on the HDD to make stuff load faster (and fast it loads, a few more words about that later on) and what do you know, my 40 gigs were full already.
I paid 350€ for my 40 gig, non-PS2-backwards compatible thing a few years ago with two different discounts lowering the price from the original 400 or so euros, and now what? The bastards sell new PS3s with more gigs for far cheaper than before and kids who dissed the PS3 originally get  a great deal while I'm here doing my best to delete saved data every time I have 10 games installed. And then, Sony even dares to expect me to download DLC... and where am I supposed to store all those downloaded games and costumes and levels and patches and whatnot? Oh, I guess I could buy an external hard drive with a terabyte of free space... man, I also hate that. Not considerably affordable hard drives, but that the external hard drives with a terabyte of space now cost less than my 500 gig originally did. And my 500 gig is full of walkthroughs and clown porn now, can't use it to store anything much anymore. Luckily I still have a 250 gig hard drive that I got for free, through some professional connections. I'm connected, yo.
And while steaming, let's bring up LittleBigPlanet. Funn little game, cost me 80 euros. Not a year later I could've gotten it for 20 euros... plus, I can't get the DLC that adds in my opinion crucial stuff like the paintinator and water and more music and all that jazz. I hate everything!

To end the post in a positive note, RE5's loading times are short, and another great thing is that the loading screen isn't just colors and a bar, it has text that retells the history of the Resident Evil universe. That's my main problem with many games' loading screens, they're boring and long when they could feel so much shorter with some text or an animation, or good music. Remember Red Dead, remember Fur Fighters, even remember Dragon Ball Z BT2 and that boring minigame. Games that made long loading times go by faster than many games with shorter loading times.
Unfortunately the loading times in RE5 are so fast that sometimes I can't even read the first word of the text... anyway, thumbs up for RE5.
(To compare games, MGS4 also saved nearly everything on the HDD to shorten loading times, but spent anything between 12 to 40 minutes a chapter doing that. I mean it took an easy 28 minutes giving you a screen with an old guy smoking, and literally telling you to wait 28 minutes before playing through the next chapter... Guys, MGS4 is not a good game. Never was, never will be.) I guess I forgot about the positive note... boobies.

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