Wednesday, 20 January 2010

New Video Series Ideas (that, again, I guess I'll never do) + PoP Plat, No Duck Win and Some Games

Got Platinum in Prince of Persia yesterday night. Oddly perfect game, trophy hunting usually makes you hate whichever game you're playing no matter how good it felt playing through it regularly, but Prince of Persia was still great fun while I was mashing that ridiculously long list of combos on the early weakling bosses and making sure I died after each combo to let the enemy replenish their health a bit.
I'm quite happy that regardless of the higher prices, I actually thought all 3 of the games I bought were very entertaining and worth the money and time invested.

Although I have now played through my latest purchases I still have a few "new" games I can play while I try to come up with every excuse possible for not recording anything new to replace my now gone hobby of walkingthrough.
I still have several PC games like XIII, The Hobbit, Hitman Contracts, NOLF and Fallout 2 as well as a couple of PS2 games I haven't touched yet, and even one PS3 game I've been saving for a rainy day for exactly 10 months now, Resident Evil 5. The earth must be scorched after all that sunshine, I tell ya.

I'm sure you're also sad to hear, but I didn't win the Donald Duck competition. I thought that if I won the first price, which was a laptop with Windows XP installed, I could've hooked up my old webcam and start recording myself posing naked immediately. Now you just have to settle for the still images of my ass-crack I've made sure to send to all of you who read this (I track your IPs and know where you live!) and wait until I *urgh* buy a new webcam. I can't even afford buying a new game, so... that webcam will have to be really cost efficient. I mean REAL cost efficient.

1) One of my slew of ideas for new series of videos are actual video guides, where I don't show the entire game and every cutscene but instead talk about the game and give tips from beginning to end, a bit like LordKat does his Until We Win series, just not as personal or retro. Of course there lies a problem right there, since I generally suck and it will be hard to find a game I know well enough to give helpful tips. Anyway...
2) To accompany the guides, why not make trophy guide videos, where I reveal the easiest and fastest ways to rack up already meaningless icons and further sucking the meaning away by making sure ever doofus can get them by exploiting games' weaknesses. I have no moral values, so don't get judgemental.
3) Video game video reviews I already mentioned earlier, but if I can appear in front of a camera and speak words without mumbling, I might as well try doing movie reviews. I'll make sure I don't wear a suit jacket if I do, so don't worry.
D) I could also make the long-awaited game collection videos as well, but since I've already dropped that idea several times, it might as well be dropped again to wait another day.
8[ Then there was one completely original idea I had (no sarcasm!) about doing a series of short videos about how the actual games measure to what the back cover of the box says. I got that idea from looking at a random game from my collection out of boredom and realized that the back cover was just full of lies and typos. Weird how no one has done that yet...

() And the easiest thing to do now, that I'm not too excited about but will most likely do first, is just adding commentary to my oldest videos and uploading them some place else. I could talk about what sort of medication I was either on or off when I recorded the original videos and reveal to you what really happened on the screen, as it seems that some idiot decided to point a webcam at a tiny television and not a lot of the graphical details were carried over to the final walkthroughs...
I've already mentioned this to people before, but it's topical again now that I need to upload videos somewhere else and must add commentary to have them stay up.
?! And let's not forget ye olde Fukkarounds, where I play a game live on camera and never know what I'm supposed to do, where I'm meant to go or what I'm actually talking about.
I hate my my LPs and Fukkarounds, though. You think it's hard to watch them, but I have to not only record them but also watch the footage while editing. It's horrible, you don't know what it's like living with myself.

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