Monday, 18 January 2010

Weird wake up I had today. I got up and heard noises from the kitchen, like somebody's eating dinner, and it was completely dark outside. So I panicked and looked at the time. It's was getting 7 o'clock, and I didn't understand how I could've slept for about 16 hours and missed the entire day again. I took a leak and drank some orange juice, and then I noticed that things seemed rather odd. After checking the time on my phone I noticed that it wasn't the evening, it was the morning. I had slept for 4 hours.
Interesting story, I trust you have the courtesy to at least nod.

Started playing Prince of Persia yesterday, and I must say it's pretty damn good. Well made game. The developers of it really know their business, so I hope none of them had anything to do with the one abomination of video gaming I often reference.

I also ended up doing some draft reviews of a few games to see if there's any point for me to try doing video reviews now that I've stopped doing walkthroughs on YouTube, and I must admit that for once I did like them. I'm a bit biased regarding my own work of course, but I thought the points I made about the games seemed well made, so I don't think writing the reviews will be stopping me from doing them on video.

I plan to use a scale from 0 to 10 if I start doing reviews, and so far I've managed to place the games on that scale in a way that makes sense quite well. I wasn't sure if I could get rid of the usual professional scale of 7 to 10 where anything below 7 is unplayable, as I have gotten used to that odd way of rating games myself, but with a bit of hard thinking I did manage to lose it. However, if I start doing reviews, I am most likely going to anger the people who frequent big game review sites and my scaling might not make sense to some at all. My way might not even be the best, but that's what I've chosen and I'll stick with it.

Don't except video reviews very soon, though, since I want to get in front of the camera myself and I still suffer from the old Vista incompatibility problems, and I'm camera shy anyway. And you know me, I hardly ever get things done. Still waiting for the game collection videos myself...

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