Sunday, 22 November 2009

More Trophies

Last night, after playing a game of Sonic Spinball with my sister, I was still in the mood for gaming so I went ahead and continued my old partly finished GTA IV file I made for creating the walkthrough that PWNorDIE so nicely removed when they suddenly stopped being a video hoster. I decided to pull an all-nighter and get the story trophies as well as the Liberty City Minute trophy, and after a 14-hour sit-through of gaming I got about 15 new trophies.

I can't understand how some people can think that GTA IV is such a horrible game that they just must complain about it all the time. I was just playing it for the trophies and I missed the beginning as I used an old file, and I occasionally skipped cutscenes, but I still felt good about it when the credits rolled. It's such an amazing game when you look closely.
I don't understand what's wrong with some kids these days, whining about San Andreas being far better because it had a jetpack and a country side.

I'm not going to write much today, as I've been awake for 23 hours now and I'm still going to continue the trophy hunt today. I'll just eat something first and see if my sister would like to play Sonic Spinball again.

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