Friday, 20 November 2009

Just like Derek ordered, 2 posts a day!

Just a small update on what I'm doing tonight. I jokingly suggested to my sister today that we'd play Mega Bomberman on Sega Megadrive. Before my Sega broke, we used to have lots of fun playing games like Sonic 2, Bomberman and the Pong clone on Action-52, but that was long ago when I was still a wee lad. Nowadays our family plays games together only when I get a new LEGO game (waiting to get Indiana Jones sometime soon), although about once a year we do play Monopoly on PS1, sometimes even Crash Team Racing if we go nuts.

But, today we're once again going to relive the golden years of our lives and play the olde Sega games on a Sega emulator. I copied the emulator and roms to a flash drive and we'll play the games on my olde PC.

Anyway, got to go play some Sega.
Long live emulation, if you ask me.

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