Friday, 20 November 2009

PS3 Online stuff...

Yesterday I was online. On my PS3. Yes, the skies may begin falling.

Anyway, what I was doing is... well, I did lots of stuff.
For starters I downloaded the Fallout 3 patch again since Fallout 3, as all you PS3 Fallout 3 players should know, loads the content of the game to the hard disk so it doesn't have to read the disc as much and that way the game takes less time to load items and areas. That in itself isn't the negative part, but in time the hard disk starts filling up and eventually the game starts glitching, and to stop it from doing that you must every now and then remove game data (!not save game data!). The game data includes the downloaded content, in this case the trophy patch, and naturally removing it all stops you from collecting trophies.
The main reason I stopped playing Fallout 3 last time was that I had removed the game data and continued playing without downloading the patch again, which naturally meant that I didn't receive trophies for quests completed, so yesterday I downloaded the patch again and quickly ran through the quests with my rather pathetic LP character. I got the trophies I missed and can continue from where I left off with my eeeeeevil gir-- *cough* guy character when I start playing it again.

I also checked the PSN Store. What a load of crap!
Just some weeks ago I hinted at people about possibly wishing for those PSN money cards so I can go online and purchase stuff like PS1 classics, and I was hinted back that those may have been in their plans even before I mentioned anything. So, I dilly-dally merrily to check out the store to see what fun I could buy, and what do I find? A load of old bollocks and not much more.
43 PS1 classics, from which I own in hard copies only one and don't wish to particularly own any others. A pathetic tiny list of "minis", loads of overpriced costume shit and a very, VERY pricy map+costume pack for Stranglehold.
Yes, about 10€ online multiplayer pack for Stranglehold, a game NOBODY plays online, but no Spyro 2 for me :( !
Seriously, nobody plays Stranglehold online. I was only once able to find another person from an online forum who agreed to play with me, and he backed out. And where the fuck are the TRUE PS1 classics? Are they updating the Store or something, and this lack of content is just temporary? I hope so, because otherwise it's just LBP MGS4 Level kit for me and goodbye to you. Get your shit right, Sony!
When the greatest feature of your "console", and I use that term loosely with next-gen, is a sparkly background, you're doing something horribly wrong.

Although I was sincerely pissed off after finding out that I CAN'T buy Spyro 2 for my PS3, I did march onwards in life to put it in a figure of speech, and went ahead to gather some trophies for LittleBigPlanet.
I got at least 9 new trophies which are the tutorial doer trophy, 2Player level creating trophy, 2-leg-2-eyed-brainy-creature trophy, traveling extremely fast trophy, traveling extremely high trophy, the secret tagger trophy that is only marked with ??? on the list, commenting on a community level trophy, hearting 5 levels trophy and hearting 3 creators trophy.
For those of you still wondering how to get the tutorial trophy, I think I know what the problem is as I too spent hours scratching my head and going around message boards and faqs:
The game has a bug! There are hidden tutorials that don't have the question mark on them. These buggy tutorials are the Spring, Rope, Elastic et cetera ones. Not all of them are buggy, but when you're doing the tutorials, from the same group where those are do the unmarked tutorials as well. I got the trophy after that, and doing those tutorials do give you unlockable stickers just like the marked ones do.
Damn bugs, it was only my stubborness that got me the trophy.

I am going for, if possible, all the LittleBigPlanet trophies, so if there's any people out there that play it too then I wouldn't mind some help. My PSNID is OscarPhyre, and do note that I have no other IDs, no JohnnyDFox or JohnnyFox or anything like that. Just pointing that out here as I've received messages on YouTube that people are chatting with me on PSN when they're in fact sending messages to wrong Johnnies.
I'm missing the Party Person trophy because none of my PSN contacts apparently play the game, and I am also in need of the Booty trophy as I haven't been able to complete all the 2x-4x areas alone.
Naturally the favour will be returned in the same session if you're missing the same ones. The top of the class trophy could be achieved as well if you guys don't mind cheating. We could run through a simple race one at a time so everyone wins once, and if 2 players can play online on one console, then I'd only need one other person with a spare controller.

I am making a level that I can publish to get the rest of the trophies, but I'm not making any crappy H4H level mind you. It's based on John Carpenter's The Thing and I've spent several hours making it, even though so far it's just the logo.
When you enter the level, the camera moves up to show an emitted The Thing logo with blue gas behind it. The logo disappears after 5 seconds and then... well, that's how far I have gotten, but when finished it begins near a helicopter and you move on to check the Norwegian station and eventually the American station, and every now and then you meet people and creatures who may or may not be the thing, and depending on what you've done earlier in the level (blown up a person/thing, activated a switch, entered a room) the way the level plays out changes.
It sounds complicated, but it's just a show-off level with lots of events, not a tricky one with platforming and enemies.
I hope people will check it out once it's done... in 2013! I'll make a video of it myself, to advertise it.

Also, since we're on the subject of trophies, if anyone's out there cheating to get the difficult GTA IV online multiplayer trophies... I wouldn't mind cheating with you too. As it stands, I will NEVER be able to get those trophies, looking at how rarely I get any practice. I also don't give a damn about lessening their value to those who earn them honestly, to be honest myself. Damn level 10 bastards, always headshotting me!Trophies? Gimme!
Don't go out of your way to organize any cheating events for me, though, as it's almost all the same to me if I get them or not. I just wouldn't mind them, that's all.

That's it. I added a lot of pictures today because that's what people want most. Who the fuck has time to read these days, am I right?

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