Monday, 23 November 2009

Even More Trophies

I went back to play GTA IV like I said, and got a couple new trophies. One was Under the Radar, which really gave me a lot of gray hair.
I flew under 13 bridges successfully, all the main bridges that connect islands and 3 in Alderney. I spent several hours trying to fly under other bridges, looking for that fucking 14th, and I nearly cried. I went online to look for faqs on this issue twice, but came up with nothing good. Every faq and tip and trick just says "fly under the bridges that are over water" and several maps and a YouTube instructional video actually showed WRONG spots.
Well, I did find a good map eventually, but to my sorrow it showed the 14 bridges I had flown under already, 13 of which gave me a "trophy"... yup, I already started thinking the game glitched or something. I started flying under the bridges again one at a time but nothing happened even though I flew under all of them.
I decided to load an old save and try again. I realized soon that I didn't get a marking for the 4th bridge in Alderney... and I went back to the real save file and tried flying under that bridge from a different spot and I finally got the trophy.
Now there's an epic story, guys.

I started killing the flying rats last night. Those spots with 2 of them really scared me at first. I thought the map online had a mistake or something, but no, 2 pigeons in one spot. Had to travel back a bit to kill off the 2 I missed in Bohan.

My PSN ID thing that you can see in one of the previous posts doesn't show all the trophies I've acquired yet, because I haven't connected the PS3 online since I started playing GTA IV again. Once I've gotten all the trophies I'll do that. I'm eager to see the results myself.

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