Friday, 31 July 2009

I have some sad news for you...

My troubles are over and I can continue pestering you bastards with senseless, useless, boring stuff on my website!
Thanks to Dazz from PSDProtocol who suddenly raised my webspace quota by 150% so I'm able to reupload files that were deleted because webspace limit was exceeded, sooner. Why was the limit exceeded? Because Webalizer creates absolute godawfully large files. 80megs from the old 100 mb limit taken! For charts and stuff! Charts and stuff that only inform me of how my site does! Crazy stuff, absolutely insane. If I was interested how my site does I would only need a simple text file updated monthly, no images, charts or anything useless.

Anyway, let's hope I can continue keeping the site up. Dazz does all the keeping up stuff, I only take the credit.
I'll upload the files that have been removed over time, so until they're all back up the pages wont work. I only put the index page up in a hurry so you'll get to see that all is finally lost again. You can't hold a good man down, at least not without some rope and sedatives.


  1. hello JohnnyDFox pardon for getting screwed up but are you going to raise mas videoes??
    (HESHE)visits my channel and is commentary in my channel and also to subscribe to my channel pardon for getting screwed up embraze.augustdactyl99