Wednesday, 22 July 2009

The webshite's shit

My website at has been down for almost a month now. At first it went down right around some server backup update or something. Then later on the list of pages I'm supposed to have up appeared, but none of the pages work.

Weeks after the disappearance of my site I got an email telling me the webspace limit has been reached, but I find that rather odd when after the last page I uploaded I still had several megabytes of space left. In any case, the email told me I should either delete content or ask the admin to grant me more space, but I can't even edit my website. I can login now but I have absolutely nothing visible there, I can't do anything.
I've sent Dazz, the guy who provided me with the server space and domain name, an email about this problem already, but I haven't received any reply and since the site is still fucked I don't know if he has even read it.

This is exactly why I don't like to watermark my videos with anything else but JohnnyFox. The videos that I made when I was a StumpedGamer Director advertise a completely different website I've never had anything to do with and now the videos with my own website URL direct people nowhere.

Things are looking mighty sad.
I have a few backup plans for the grim future, but I don't like the situation one bit.

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  1. That sucks, I hope Dazz replies soon