Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Ratchet & Clank, Coming Up!

While waiting for the final video of the Ratchet & Clank walkthrough to finish rendering, I thought I'd write a blog post to make it seem like my website's active.

So, yeah, R&C walkthrough's done. I recorded it all in one single day, and I've been rendering the videos since. The final part is just about to be done which means that I can start thinking about the next game to be recorded.

I'll be uploading the walkthrough rather slowly. Normally I'd just upload all videos in one day, but I think I should milk this for what it's worth. Uploading only few parts at a time will give me a week or two of free time to try out and record other games which I still have plenty of untouched.

There's also the deal with new (and old) subscribers finding me easier if I throw this bait of yummy R&C in the water and slooowly reel in as many little fishies as possible in one try. After the walkthrough is done, they're most likely unsubscribing en masse when they notice that the next games aren't from the R&C series at all, but the more new subscribers, the better the odds they either fall in love with the upcoming games or just plain forget they ever subscribed to me and never unsubscribe.

Also, many people just seem to hate how fast I normally upload. I think most people only like to watch walkthroughs as they are being uploaded, and I can understand why as I have the same problem. I can watch boring games as the videos are being uploaded one at a time, while I really have no desire to watch any of them if there's a few too many parts to be viewed at once.


I used to upload videos slower than I recorded and edited them so that there would be no empty days even if I took longer breaks, but back then I used simpler software that saved time and I didn't pay as much attention to gameplay. The problems appeared when at one point I had over 300 videos queued up.

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