Sunday, 3 May 2009

It's... uh... Sunday. Is it?

Who knows. Ever since I got 2 years off from the army and missed my chances of getting into some fancy school of arts and culture, I've been sitting home watching old TV series and good movies and playing and recording video games pretty much all day every day. Life's great, apart from money-trouble and the nightmares I have where I'm sent back to the army. It's hard to stay up to date on the date, or even stay up at all, when there's nothing that separates the days from each other.

But forget about all that, points are:
Some walkthroughs were finished long ago, like Splinter Cell and Cool Spot. The Michigan: Report From Hell LP was also finished quicker than I expected, but I should've know the "15 hours of gameplay and 5 different (?)" includes all runs you have to do to unlock everything plus some time spent watching the bonus striptease feature.
Tony Hawk's Underground has also been recorded completely now. I sat down to record about 3 more chapters one day and just thought "to hell with it" and recorded 17 chapters instead. Took me 3 days to edit the videos. They'll all be on PWNorDIE soon.

Now I've started recording my 3rd walkthrough of Red Dead Revolver. I'm planning to go for Excellent ratings, but we'll see if I keep that promise I made myself.

Next LP I'll record could be either SWAT 4 or Fahrenheit. Still don't feel like LPeeing the other ones I've started.

Other than all that I have only one favour to ask. I have that PWNorDIE channel now as you should know by now. I've never ever asked anyone to subscribe to me on YouTube, in fact I've told people to unsubscribe if they don't watch my videos. The closest thing to advertising myself has been my line "Help me become the ├╝bermost leet of all walkersthrough!" that doesn't actually mean subscribing but coming to my website to click the advertisements I no longer have (any of you know an advertising thing similar to Google's AdSense, but one that's actually RELIABLE unlike AdSense, tell me now).
I am asking the ones of you who watch my videos and read this blog to subscribe to my PWNorDIE account that can be found here, if you care enough. This isn't like that thing when I told people I'll move to LiveVideo, because if PWNorDIE just stays up and doesn't fall like pretty much all other sites like it, nearly all my future walkthroughs will be added there. I'll remake some of my old YT walkthroughs but mostly add some completely new games.
I can't take my words back and go back to using YouTube full-day even if I wanted to, because YouTube removes my videos and threatens to close my account pretty much everytime I start a new game now. People tell me to create a back-up account on YT, and I might even do that some day, but that account wont see the 2500 videos on my current account. Why would I reupload walkthroughs that YT already removed?

So, you like my walkthroughs, please subscribe to me on PWNorDIE if it's not too much trouble. PWNorDIE is so underpopulated that even I have a chance to really become the ├ťbermost leet of All Walkersthrough there.

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