Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Them Unfinished Walkthroughs

I was just looking at my YouTube profile and thought I should update people a bit regarding the unfinished walkthroughs I've listed there.

Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge
has been unfinished for a long time. The thing is I have never finished it. In fact, I never even finished Beaver Power before the walkthrough. On top of not knowing what's to come, the game is very complicated. If I make a walkthrough, I want to rescue all the babies, but the puzzles and tasks can be quite difficult for a first-timer. That's why the walkthrough's on hold.

MGS3: Snake Eater
I WOULD finish, but it keeps getting stuck during the cutscenes. I could skip them, but I don't want to, so I won't continue it.

GTA: San Andreas is a long game and I've never been a fan of it. Only thing I like to do in SA is use "lock wanted level" cheat and spam the code that gives satchel charges, then go on a rampage, so it's more likely I'll make those kind of videos. Might even make a completely cheated walkthrough... could be fun.
Also, when I do continue the walkthrough, it will most likely be entirely on PWNorDIE, or just missing the music, since YT has shown me they don't want MY GTA videos even though some other people can keep theirs with the same content...

The Ooze is a game I never even thought about finishing. It's somewhat difficult and I have no interest in playing at all, so I'm not going to bother. I can finish any game I want to, I just have to like the game enough, that's all.

Stranglehold, it's pretty boring to be forcefully played. It can be fun, but it's a game you don't want to make into work. Still, it's the game I'm most likely going to suddenly continue and finish someday.

Desperados is a game I would probably STILL be recording if it wasn't for Giovanni's efforts to close my account. I lost interest in playing it after that debacle and the levels are long and difficult, and the farthest I've played so far is level 9. Out of 25 chapters. I don't feel like spending entire days to record one level at a time, so I'll continue the walkthrough someday in the distant future, on PWNorDIE only. Don't feel like muting the music just because of one bastard composer.

Desperados 2 is in the same place as Desperados 1. My guess is that music from Desperados 2 wouldn't get me into trouble, but do I want to take the risk now that I have only 2 strikes left, that's a different thing. The game is also a bit... not entertaining. Good story, great music and fun gameplay, but it's the sort of game that can easily bore a viewer as soon as story bits end.

Splinter Cell will be finished. Level 6 has been recorded and rendered, only 3 levels left.

As soon as I finish Splinter Cell, I'll do Cool Spot and GTA IV for PWNorDIE. Need to pad my account there and encourage people to join the site and subscribe to me there, since it's very obvious that by the end of the year most walkersthrough of YouTube has moved some place else. If you can't upload even retro games anymore, how do you know the game your doing now isn't going to sink your channel? Eventually the only things my YT channel will have are vlogs, reviews, montages and LPs with music disabled if possible.

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