Thursday, 16 April 2009

I am a sort of sad panda...

...I went to the game store today like I planned, but in the hurry I... I... forgot to grab Railroad Tycoon 3... I can't believe my stupidity... have to go back tomorrow I guess...

But games I DID buy today are:
Fahrenheit [PS2]
No One Lives Forever [PC]
Splinter Cell [PC]
The Hobbit [PC]
Call of Juarez [PC]

I like them already, they were so cheap. I just hope they work on my PC, I'm not much of a computer wizard and PC gaming can be troublesome.

Anyway, there's a good chance I'll make walkthroughs for those games if they work, even NOLF. I did the PS2 version, but it looks and feels different on PC (I've played it at a friend's house). SWAT walkthroughs can be pointless because the enemies are placed randomly, but... since when has sanity and reason ever stopped me?
Splinter Cell, Fahrenheit and The Hobbit are games people have actually requested and Call of Juarez fits my western theme, even though I know it's sort of boring already.
All those games together cost me way less than what ONE new game would, so... used games fo' lyfe!

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  1. The SWAT series looks interesting, looking forward to seeing your walkthroughs on these games!