Tuesday, 12 May 2009

PS3 and the Web Browser

Umm... not much going on. THUG has been up for a long time now, on PWNorDIE. I also started recording a Fahrenheit LP on YouTube.
I was in on the bonersgamesforums.com's GTA IV PS3 event on May 9, 2009, although it was May 10 where I was. The recorded races are all up. I only left the TDMs and DMs and 1 race out, because those were all crap.
All of them videos, Fahrenheit/THUG/GTA IV, are now added on my website too.

I removed my RDR v3 videos from my JohnnyDFox account, because I will upload them on my alternative, Red Dead Revolver/Redemption themed channel.

I am planning to go and buy a PS3 headset someday soon, since the GTA IV event kind of made me want to get back to the online gaming thing again. Did you guys know that when Sony created the PS3, they decided to not include that... voice card or whatever, that allows you to just hook up any headset and play? Apparently USB headsets only work if you also have some external voice/sound thingamajig, or have it on the USB headset already. What shit is that? You knew online gaming would be a big deal on your new console and you went and decided to make it difficult for online gamers to start using your machine?
I couldn't understand why people said it's so difficult to find a PS3 compatible headset until I started looking for one myself. Those bastards!
PS4 must be compatible with every single object in my household or I will seriously start thinking about lowering my Sony fanboyism level from 4 to 3.

Also, while we're on the topic, PS3 needs one seriously important update (which I can't believe hasn't been added yet even though everytime I turn my machine on there's a new update that seemingly does nothing to anything):
ability to browse the Internet WHILE PLAYING. With the shitty next-gen machines and especially games that usually never work right (and shut up you xbox-nuts your POS is even worse, Sony rules, I love Sony, please send me free stuff!) I often find a glitch stopping me from continuing a game or face a deadend that MIGHT be a glitch or I just need cheat codes for maximum carnage on GTA IV, and I have to quit playing, go online with that crap browser and after finding what I'm looking for go back and watch the minutes long unskippable story dialogue in Assassin's Creed or that loading screen from GTA IV. The hell? It's easier to just quit and go play PlayStation 2 instead. PS2 is the best console ever made, and right behind it comes Sega Mega Drive.

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