Fukkabouts are my written playthroughs, as opposed to video walkthroughs. I have noticed that it is both fun to write and read text playthroughs of games. At least, it is when the games in question have choices and consequences and more to write about than "shot a guy, next room, shot six more guys, next room, got  health and killed two bigger guys".

Hitman Contracts, a written playthough:
I don't need practice, I'm a professional - Beginning and tutorial
Midnight meat beating at the fetish party - Missions 1 and 2
Better homage to the Thing than the actual video game - Mission 3
Pry into the maid's shower? You bet! - Mission 4
I've got one: Who would win between 47 and James Earl Cash? - Mission 5
Today's update on my progress in Contracts - Mission 6
Innovative new text-based speedrun - Missions 7 through 12

In March of 2010 I got bored one day and decided to install and play Hitman Contracts. After finding myself absolutely loathing Hitman 2: Silent Assassin I naturally expected Contracts to be just another painful experience and certainly didn't think it would be worth recording a walkthrough of it, especially when I decided to stop uploading videos on YouTube only two months earlier, but I did still want to log my opinions of the game somehow and as I was on a mission to make my blog more active and had previously written about my playthrough of Fallout 2 in detail, I decided to do the same with Hitman Contracts and began writing updates about each gameplay session I had.
I find these posts rather amusing myself, which is rare as I honestly don't find most of my jokes at all funny, and the complete reversal of my situation with Hitman 2 is very facinating. I expected a lot from Hitman 2 and grew to hate it over the course of the video walkthrough so much I let Contracts sit on my shelf unplayed for 5 months, and I expected the worst with Contracts yet grew to love it so much that I didn't even finish the game before I had already gone and bought Hitman: Blood Money as well.

Fallout, a written playthrough:
A dead mutie is a good mutie
A non-existant mutie is an even better mutie
Then maybe you'll ask me to come back again

Because I found writing about the Hitman Contracts playthrough fun and had already written about Fallout 2, when I bought the original Fallout I decided to write about my playthrough of it as well. It was a little bit shorter experience.

Fallout 2, a written mess of a playthough:
Fallout 2 is great
Did I mention Fallout 2 is great?
Me ranger. Me no like slavers. Ogh.
Enclave R Stupid
Aliens in my mine. How SAD.
A Western every month, please
Fallout 2: Knee-Deep in the Shit
Frank-who? Never heard

These posts tell the story of my first ever playthrough of the post-nuclear role-playing game, Fallout 2. Out of boredom and wanting to update the blog more actively I began writing about how I tackled the game and it's quests, but because I at first started writing about the game very quickly and casually alongside whatever else I had in mind at the time most of the posts are quite a messy read and aren't that thorough. I'm not entirely sure if they're even close to being some of the "best of the blog" but I'll let them stay here for the moment. Writing about Fallout 2 is largely what made me realize that just writing about video games more in-depth is fun, and I'd like to write more often, given time and chances to play games worth writing about.