Monday, 4 June 2012

More money, more games

Good news for me: I can once again get my hands on my own money. I won't go into any detail, but due to some EU regulations PayPal has to comply with, some network errors with my bank and my own negligence with the renewal of my ID card, for the entire month of May I didn't have as much control over my own bank and PayPal accounts, and subsequently all of my own money, as a person in modern society is normally expected to have. I really mostly have myself to blame for this, though, because what could've easily been fixed in one week ended up taking 4 weeks instead just because my ID card had expired only some days before I needed it at the bank. But, that's all straightened out now.

Because I could use money I again, I of course went and bought some video games.
I got myself Ghostbusters The Video Game for PS3, a game which I've been looking for since it's release but has always eluded me until now. It's pretty ridiculous how difficult finding a copy, new or used, of a somewhat popular and well known 2009 title can be. Well, I have it now and I actually already finished it. It's a really fun game, really well done and I wish I could record a walkthrough of it. Probably can't, though. Copyright notices just forced me to reconsider my Mafia walkthrough, and Ghostbusters surely has more copyright claim bait than Mafia.

I also bought a game called Pryzm Chapter One: The Dark Unicorn, which I assumed was going to be either a hilarious game or an unintentionally hilarious game considering the whole game is about an old angry man riding an angry unicorn around and smacking mutated magical creatures while they whizz past, and way back when I saw some gameplay footage of it it actually looked fast-paced, but I was wrong. It's played completely straight, and it's boring, and pretty bad. I tried playing it but there's absolutely nothing there to keep me playing. I've bought a lot of bad games in the past but I think Pryzm could rank quite high on the disappointment meter.

Of course that wasn't all I bought. I also got Tomb Raider Trilogy for the PS3. It includes Underworld and HD remasters of the PS2 games Legend and Anniversary, and I bought it on a whim. I already have Legend on PS2 and I quite liked it when  I played it, but I never finished it and I figured, why not try to finally complete it in HD when I can also get Anniversary and Underworld along with it at the price of one older PS3 game?
I think I actually own all Tomb Raider games now, with the exception of Guardian of the Light, and I find that fact quite funny because I am not a fan of the series and have actually never finished any of the games legitimately, ever, except Curse of the Sword on GameBoy Color. I liked that game.

After having played Rayman Origins and seeing how few long-time fans of the series were as amazed by it's top-notch quality as I was, I take it that the rest of the games are pretty damn incredible as well, and so I bought Rayman Collector's Edition, a supposed "4 game collection" which actually does not include the first game despite what the title of the collection would make you think. I mean, when I hear "Rayman Collector's Edition", I think "the original game plus bonuses", not Rayman 2, 3, M and 3 Print Studio. What the hell is a print studio anyway? I admit I haven't actually yet taken a look at it but I would dare and guess that it's not a game at all, so why is it a "4 games in 1" and why the hell is it titled "Rayman Collector's Edition"? Why not just Rayman Collection? Or Rayman Generations? Or Rayman Super-Pack or Rayman Über-Bundle?
Well, anyway, I'm going to buy the original on sometime soon when I actually have time to play it, and then I believe I will install and try out 2, 3 and M. And Print Studio as well, but only if it's just a really poorly named game. Which I think it's not.

I have also bought the L.A. Noire DLC cases on PlayStation Store for my mother to play as she's almost done with Call of Juarez 2, and I bought myself the Double Fine indie game called Stacking. And since I had just the perfect amount of money left in the wallet I spent the rest on a MiniS (do you always add the 'S' in the end or no? I'm confused) game called Golf Mania. Or something like that, could've been any of the zillions of golf games there.
Apropos, if you want a laugh, check out the 2012 Tiger Woods-PGA-World-Tour-Something-or-Other in the PS Store. Look at what the DLC packs include and especially take a look at the prices. Ri-freaking-dickilous! Do people really buy the game downloaded for 70€ and then buy 3-4€ DLC packs that only have two new golf club designs for the game? GOLF CLUB DESIGNS, for Pete's sake. 70 euros for a downloadable golf game, and then about 40 DLC packs for several euros each, which all only add some new golf clubs, just because the game's titled after some golfer fuck... When you're paying that much for a golf game and DLC clubs, just take up golfing for real. I would imagine it's much more fun even if you suck. Probably better if you do suck, actually, because then you get to play longer per hole and get bigger scores.

But now I'm just ranting about nothing and it's 1 am, so bye.

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